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Date Brief Description Category Location Views Details
No matching classifieds were found!

Date Brief Description Category Location Views Details
22/03/18 Spacer440 bigblock Wanted QLD 71 View
Picture In Content 19/03/18 SpacerL1 vinyl wanted Wanted NSW 139 View
Auction Picture In Content 15/03/18 SpacerAntminer S9 14TH s Miner + power supply Parts NSW 74 View
Picture In Content 15/03/18 SpacerVH parts - It all has to go! Parts ACT 415 View
13/03/18 SpacerWanted VC Ute fuel filler pipe Wanted SA 71 View
13/03/18 SpacerWanted 770, Pacer Rt etc 265 Engine D343B Wanted VIC 144 View
12/03/18 SpacerWanted VF -VG Hardtop Wanted NSW 138 View
Picture In Content 11/03/18 SpacerNew Valiant Pitman arm (power steering) Parts WA 116 View
10/03/18 SpacerWanted 318 or 360 with auto Wanted VIC 122 View
10/03/18 Spacer1966 dodge charger parts Parts NSW 138 View
Picture In Content 10/03/18 SpacerBig block gaskets Parts NSW 147 View
07/03/18 Spacer318 block Parts VIC 281 View
07/03/18 SpacerNOS rear quarter panel&sill panel Parts QLD 367 View
05/03/18 Spacerwanted old VE-VG door trims Wanted WA 115 View
05/03/18 Spacerwanted edelbrock Wanted QLD 186 View
Picture In Content 04/03/18 SpacerGo Wing. Rear Spoiler Parts VIC 327 View
Picture In Content 03/03/18 SpacerWanted Carter BBS 1bbl in Sydney Wanted NSW 138 View
Picture In Content 02/03/18 SpacerRestored Valiant footwell vent door Parts WA 248 View
Picture In Content 01/03/18 Spacer71-74 Challenger rear eyebrow trim Parts WA 133 View
Picture In Content 01/03/18 SpacerCxC / Regal main wiring loom Parts WA 145 View
01/03/18 SpacerPacer engine Wanted VIC 232 View
27/02/18 SpacerFirm Feel power steering box Parts VIC 357 View
24/02/18 Spacer##69 DODGE CHARGER 383 4 SPEED CAR SUIT RESTORATION## Cars NSW 933 View
24/02/18 Spacer##68-70 DODGE CHARGER /B BODY PARTS## Parts NSW 203 View
24/02/18 Spacer##SB & BB PARTS Parts NSW 387 View
23/02/18 SpacerVG -CL Disc brake assemblies Wanted NSW 217 View
20/02/18 Spacer70 dodge challenger parts Parts QLD 340 View
Picture In Content 20/02/18 SpacerHardtop trunk /boot mat Parts WA 363 View
Picture In Content 18/02/18 SpacerCustom hemi 6 & slant 6 valve covers Parts QLD 402 View
17/02/18 SpacerVc dash fascia Wanted QLD 164 View
16/02/18 Spacerb body 4 speed shifter Wanted WA 137 View
Picture In Content 15/02/18 Spacer2 x Valiant AP5s for sale Cars QLD 678 View
Picture In Content 15/02/18 SpacerGenuine Hemi 6 4 speed bellhousing Parts NSW 375 View
Picture In Content 13/02/18 Spacer***VF, VJ, CL Collectables*** Parts SA 536 View
10/02/18 SpacerVF Valiant Window Wanted SA 205 View
09/02/18 SpacerWANTED 318 RUNNER Wanted QLD 211 View
Picture In Content 08/02/18 Spacer318 block Parts VIC 511 View
08/02/18 Spacer1964 dodge Polara/Phoenix Wanted SA 217 View
04/02/18 Spacer*wanted* Big block flywheel & clutch Wanted VIC 159 View
03/02/18 SpacerValiant CL CM parts big shed clean out Parts SA 486 View
03/02/18 SpacerValiant CL CM parts big shed clean out Parts SA 273 View
Picture In Content 01/02/18 SpacerWanted: VF/VG Valiant front/rear bumper bars SEDAN Wanted SA 237 View
01/02/18 Spacercharger grilles vj- vk Parts QLD 316 View
Picture In Content 01/02/18 SpacerVC/Dodge Parts- More Pics Parts SA 377 View
31/01/18 SpacerWanted vg pacer hardtop buckets ap6 for wrecking Parts QLD 281 View
Picture In Content 01/02/18 SpacerValiant/Dodge Parts Parts SA 475 View
30/01/18 SpacerVH PACER STRIPE KIT Wanted QLD 209 View
Picture In Content 30/01/18 SpacerWanted: Valiant Charger big tank filler necks Wanted SA 249 View
Picture In Content 30/01/18 Spacer(SOLD) 1979 CM Valiant Regal Cars WA 839 View
28/01/18 SpacerCentura wanted to buy Wanted NSW 226 View

Approximated average value of listed classifieds: $57,489

Page 1 of 2
Showing results 1 - 50 out of 73 total results.

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