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Username rubberballs (0)User has feedback score under 5
Category Parts
Ad Created 05/09/19
Details Updated 07/09/19 @ 09:27am
Views 1173
Contact Details This classified ad has been archived, meaning that the item(s) within this classified ad has been sold or is no longer for sale. For this reason, contact details have been removed and the classified ad has been retained for historical purposes. Do not attempt to contact the user who posted this classified ad!
Price sold thanks MM

Kirby Bishop variable ratio load sensitive power steering box , this is the steering system that Chrysler should have used.
And if they survived past 1981 they may have.
This conversion makes for the best steering feel of any local valiant I have driven and I have owned and fixed plenty in my 40 years of driving.

This steering system is a conversion that gives true 16:1 ratio at the centre of travel and a 11.2 :1 turn ratio at the turn locks. It gives a modern car steering feel to your valiant’s steering with only 2.7 turns of the power assisted steering wheel from lock to lock, compared to standard valiant steering of 4.65 unassisted turns lock to lock

It is a simple installation no special tools or skills required, only wrenches simply remove the original manual steering box and replace it with this conversion box and its propriety adapter. No cutting drilling grinding or welding, it is held in by the same 3 bolts that the original steering box is held in with. The pitman arm is Chrysler and is in the same position to mate to the unaltered valiant steering drag link therefore everything remains standard. Therefore no undesirable steering characteristics are induced, absolutely no bump steer etc and the full original turning circle is maintained.
The new steering box mates to the original Valiant manual steering shaft with no alterations.
Simply Install the pump on the engine and fit the hoses and you have the best steering valiant you will ever own., you don’t even need to check the wheel alignment its unaffected.

This conversion has been tested by me and it fits easily with both Small block and Big block V8’s and as the box is physically similar in size to the original valiant manual steering box therefore it allows similar room for exhaust headers clutch torque shaft etc..
It does fits with Hemi 6 engines but due to the fact the Hemi 6 is has a wider rear face than the V8’s in my experience in some installations a 2-3mm corner of cast material is required to be trimmed on the block drivers side ear front corner at its widest point to reduce the chance of a touch.

I have used this variable ratio conversion for many years without problem on three family valiant cars, one Hemi 6, one small block and one big block car.
I have one conversion kit for sale, includes a new pressure pipe a used return pipe and the steering box was reco-ed and resealed when originally installed so works nicely and so has no leaks.

For valiant drivers unhappy with there valiant’s steering weight or feel, compare the simplicity of this conversion to the ‘jerry’ built commodore rack and pinion manual steering conversions currently offered but retailers online, With their R&P conversion the installer has to either alter the K frame or the chassis rails by either cutting, drilling and/or welding to fit. The valiant steering shaft needs replacing with a cobbling together item that has a commodore end and the turning circle is vastly made larger, the steering is still unassisted the steering ratio is standard and slow.
Often the engine also needs lifting or the sump sometimes altered for clearance and after all that you still need a wheel alignment.

IMPORTANT: Like the fitting of and modifications or vehicle conversions, using this conversion is fitting a non-standard non-original steering box. As it is a non-original part will be installed in the cars steering system therefore any buyer will need to gain an engineers report to approve the modification in the state they live in order to legally convert their car and to be driven on the roads.
But also Importantly; as the fabric or originality of the car has not been altered if anytime the buyer want to undo Kirby Bishop variable ration conversion, it is as simple as unbolting the variable ratio steering box and re-installing the original valiant steering box.
My last one I have taken it from a car I no longer operate.

Due to unprecedented interest in this item I may manufacture a few more conversions in the next few months, please stay tuned if you are seeking a better steering system for your valiant.

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