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If you wish to know more about, you are having difficulties using or browsing it, or you wish to contact the people behind, please browse the help topics below.


What is
The short version : is an online classifieds E-zine that caters for the Chrysler enthusiast.

The long version : was born in November 1999. Its creator Ray Webb Jnr prompted to fill an obvious void for enthusiasts of Chrysler branded vehicles in relation to sourcing spare parts for their classic and vintage cars. Its humble beginnings led to significant growth in traffic over a short period of time. Maintained manually via direct emails for nearly two years, MoparMarket.coms readership outgrew its creators available time for updates. Help was sought by way of a significant website overhaul by an avid reader Byron Schubert. Byron proceeded to re-design the facilities that required less manual time restraints for its moderator with its semi-automated features. continued with version 2 for some 3 years with great success and consistant growth. With over 850,000 genuine website visits ( as @ April 2005 ) is undeniably Australias premier location to advertise for the Chrysler enthusiast. In Oct 2004, Byron was again commissioned to take on what would be aptly known as V3 (vee-three) -- aka : Version 3.

V3 promised to have all new website interactive features that are normally only found in high-end commercial advertising facilities, together with entertaining attributes to keep the punters happy. April 2005 saw the launch of V3...the rest is history.

What has changed between the old and new
Other than the massive change of layout and graphics, there are three primary changes between the old and new websites.
  1. not only offers a comprehensive and interactive classifieds facility but it now incorporates a complete online auction engine... give it a try.
  2. Ads are posted immediately, AND you can now modify your previous ads. As a result you now need to register (for free) to be a member of
  3. Members (users) of now have a rating. The more you have positive trading on, the higher your reputation becomes. This shows you as being a reputable member to potential buyers and sellers.
  4. There is now an easy to use Reader's Rides section! This means that, unlike before, if you have a project or many pictures of your car(s), you can easily put them on As a member you can have your own member site for free, and you easily update it.
  5. Search for ads Previous versions of had no search features at all, relying solely on users to manually peruse through ads and archives to find what they wanted. MMv3 offers a fully integrated database facility which ties all facets of the website together. This new attribute makes much more efficient and user friendly.
  6. Better administrative functions. now offer administrators more freedom in moderating ads and more important policing troublesome users. Users and submissions alike can now be suspended and/or deleted, making that much more safer for the honest enthusiasts.

How do I post an advertisement?
To post an advertisement on V3 you must be regsitered. To register click on the "register" link on the top menu bar, simply follow the prompts to complete registration. Registration is easy, quick and free. After registration is complete you will be allocated 5 advertising points. In addition to that, on the first day of every month one (1) point will be added to your account.

Once you have registered, use your username and password to login. Do so by clicking the "login" link on the top menu bar. If you have logged in successfully, you will be automatically diverted to the frontpage where you will see a welcome message to your name and your current available advertising points. You are now logged in.

Only once logged in will the "Place New Ad" link be visible. To post an advertisement, follow the link and complete the submission form. Ad points costs are displayed within the submission form. To purchase additional points, simply click on the "Update my Credit" link and follow the instructions provided.

Advertisements are posted immediately after successful submission.

What is feedback and how does it work?
Feedback is an important method used to give users reputations on By sucessfully buying or selling on, or dealing with a prospective buyer/seller, you have the ability to post feedback on the other person in their feedback page, as they can also do to you.
    An example... You want to buy a car advertised on You call the seller, and he answers your questions straight out. You decide to check the car out, and it's as described. He's flexible on the price, you offer him a price, he takes it. You're both very happy!

In this case... You should post positive feedback for him, and he should post positive feedback for you, both explaining briefly why the transaction went well.

    Another example... You want to buy a car advertised on You email the seller who, by request, sends you pictures of the car. He says it has minimal rust and is an easy restoration, and that he'll throw in some spares too. You decide check the car out, and it's nowhere like it was described. It's got rust everywhere and he's changed his tune about throwing in some spares. Not a nice experience!
In this case... Let everyone else know by briefly explaining what went wrong Of course, if you post negative feedback, the other person is likely to give you negative feedback too... You have the ability to reply to feedback that is given to you, and vice versa. This way you can explain each of your points as to what went wrong, to present your cases to a potential buyer/seller in the future.

The examples above highlight why feedback needs to be given. It's primary purpose is to aid in you determining how good (or otherwise) someone is to deal with.

Why bother posting feedback?
Feedback has a very important role - over time it builds positive reputations. Dealing with a seller or buyer can be risky sometimes - feedback helps you to deal with a user by displaying feedback in the form of other people's experiences who have dealed with the user. If the person has had many good experiences and few or no bad experiences, then you probably won't have any trouble with them.

How do I post feedback?
Posting feedback is easy. Simply locate the advertisement posted by your desired seller. Once you have found their ad, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and select "POST NEW FEEDBACK", select from Positive, Neutral or Negative feedback and enter a feedback comment. Please note that feedback can ONLY be left for an individual who is advertising. Please use the feedback system responsibly. All feedback pertaining insults or personal attacks will be promptly removed and the poster suspended.

How do I add my car to Reader's Rides?
To create your very own "Readers Rides Webpage" follows these steps :

~ Goto "MY DETAILS" in your user menu


~ Enter your webpage Title & Description


~ Complete the required fields...


What do the different icons next to user's names mean?
Each user always has an icon displayed next to their username. This icon represents the level of feedback they currently have. When you join you start out with a zero feedback score and the new icon (representing a new engine block). As you gain positive feedback your score gets higher. As you pass certain levels, your icon is upgraded to better and better engines. It's just a simple way of showing someone's feedback.

The user is new and has less than a score of 5 in feedback.
The user is relatively new and has a score in feedback between 5 and 14, inclusive.
The user has a score in feedback between 15 and 29, inclusive.
The user has a score in feedback between 30 and 49, inclusive.
The user has a score in feedback between 50 and 99, inclusive.
The user has a score in feedback over 100.
The user is an administrator/moderator (normal users cannot have this icon).
The user is a stage one vendor.
The user is a stage two vendor.
The user is a stage three vendor.
This site belongs to a stage three vendor.

What do all the different little icon means?
Throughout the site, there's many different icons that are next to text links. These icons are a visual cue to assist uses to determine what different links do.

The specified content is featured.
The specified content contains a picture(s).
The specified content is new.
The specified content is archived.
Add some form of content.
Edit some form of content.
Delete some form of content.
Move some form of content upwards or browse upwards through content.
Move some form of content downwards or browse downwards through content.
Go backwards to the previous section.
Go forwards to the next section.

How do I contact the creator/administrator/developer of
Ray Webb Jr. is the creator and administrator of He can be contacted by email at

If you're interested in talking to the developer who built the new website, contact Byron through his webpage. The link is accessible by clicking his name at the bottom of any page.

How do I contact a moderator?
Go to the Users section above and find a user with the symbol next to their name (see the help article above about user icons). Moderators are all at the top of the users list. You may contact any of these moderators.

Who can advertise on ?
Anyone can advertise on, there are however two advertising classes to keep in mind. The two classes are listed and described here :

PRIVATE : A private advertiser is an individual who wishes to advertise their wares in the mainstream classifieds. Private advertisers are only limited by the amount of advertising points they have in their account. If you're a first time user, immediately you receive 5 FREE advertising points enabling you to advertise a vehicle or 5 individual parts/wanted ads at no charge.

VENDOR : A vendor advertiser is a commercial entity, company or business that wishes to use to advertise their goods and/or services. Advertising a business and it's goods or services in the mainstream classifieds arena is strictly prohibited without a "Vendor Sponsor Account". You will find more information relating to vendor costs in the fees link found in the "SITE MAP" at the top of any page. Vendor advertising can be a productive way to let fellow enthusiasts know about your products and/or services. is an independently operated mopar enthusiast Internet site and is not affiliated with or sponsored by the DaimlerChrysler Company. Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth and Mopar are registered trademarks of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation and are used here only for descriptive purposes. Copyright © 2005 Ray Webb Jnr.
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