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Pentastar Parts & Restorations - Official Sponsor of
Price: $48.50

Restoration-correct spare tire mounting stud and nut for 1968 B-Body models (except convertible) with a 70 or 78 series spare tire. Includes retainer stud & wing-nut.

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  Pentastar Parts & Restorations

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User Pentastar_Parts (2)ModeratorVendor: Stage 3 CommercialUser has feedback score under 5
Date Created/Modified 8th January 2006 @ 7:57pm
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT users, please be advised that another scammer is surfing our website. It has been brought to my attention that an alias ( JIM DRAGO ) is being used to attempt to scam money from MM car advertisers. Please be aware of these scams an be wary of ANY international enquiries. This is a transcript of the email being sent upon the first enquiry.

"I saw your advert on the web concerning the (CAR). i would really appreciate it if you could get i am resident in london and i am willing to purchase the item for sale.Please reply me as soon as possible so that we can proceed from there.I would also need to know all necessary infomations concerning the item.Hope to hear from you soon.I would also apprecite it if you include your phone number as well i said earlier i am london

As regards shipping i have made arrangements with a reliable shipping company that will carter for the shipment and signing of the title documents and they will on ground for the pick up at any location of your choice and they have agreed to come for the pick up as soon as we conclude our own part of the transaction.So you dont need to bother your self regards shipping.

As regards payment,this is what i am going to do,i will make a wire transfer directly to your bank account so i will need your banking details before the wire transfer is made and once you confirm the payment by your bank you can have it shipped directly to me.

I hope that the (CAR) works as fine as it looks.I am still very much interested in buying it ,and like i stated earlier my mode of payment will be wire transfer.

I don't want you to stress your self concerning the shippment of the item .I have a reliable shipping company that will carter for the shipment and signing of the necessary document.

The shipper will sign the ownership transfer title on my behalf and in my name.I want you to email me if the transaction is ok by you or not, So that i can instruct my bank to transfer funds into your checking account.I want the title to be in my name and all you need do regards shipping is for you to be at the location where the pick up will be made so you can sign for it,aside from that,the shipping company will be in charge of everything relating to shipping.I want you to furnish me with all this necessary details"

As you can see this emil seems to a common draught with the blanks left out eg: (CAR) ..... my suggestion would be to simply make no reply to such enquiries. The email used is as follows: is an independently operated mopar enthusiast Internet site and is not affiliated with or sponsored by the DaimlerChrysler Company. Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth and Mopar are registered trademarks of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation and are used here only for descriptive purposes. Copyright © 2005 Ray Webb Jnr.
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