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Webpage Created 11/04/07
Webpage Updated 12/04/07
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Name Pete
Location Brisbane (QLD)
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Here is a few mopars I have owned and some that I still own.
I'll add more once I get the hang of posting them.

Ride Articles

66 Dodge Phoenix
Here is some pics of my old Phoenix.
It had a 318 with a 350 holly. nothing to overboard,just a cruiser.

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VH Dodge ute
Here is my VH Dodge ute I restored.
It is presently for sale so Email if interested.
It has a 265 hemi with extracters,holly carb and fourspeed box. charger dash and wheel.
was going to be my daily driver until the baby seat got priority.

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

here is my daily driver.
it has a 265 hemi with extracters and a 350 holly carb.
I was once going to sell it but decided against it.
It has been the best car to drive back and forth to work and has plenty of power.

I just can't stand the thought of driveing some modern piece of jap crap to work each day.

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56 Plymouth
This is my plymouth which was my first car I ever owned.
I bought the car of the origional owner when I was 16 and restored it before I even got my drivers license.

It has a 250 ci flat head and has been around Australia once and to Townsville a few times in its life.
The photos are'nt that great but there is one there of what it was like before I restored it.

I still own the car and it has allways been redgisterd,(though I need to pay some attantion to the brakes)

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VG convertable
Here is my VG I picked up just by chance.
It got offered to me for painting a couple of chargers, so I parked it in the shed where it is waiting to have a make over.

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