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1977 6spd cl 770 charger

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Webpage Created 28/03/08
Webpage Updated 15/01/09
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Name Lyndon
Location Toowoomba (QLD)
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I have been the proud owner of this charger for 3 years now. I picked it up from a guy in twmba Qld. I have done a fair few modifications since owning the vehicle. It is my daily driver and a fun one at that.

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77 Cl charger
E49 spec 265 (206bhp)
T56 6 speed tremec road race gearbox
11in hydralic clutch system(underdash mount)
4.11 Diff gears custom 8 3/4 diff

Paint and panel is awesome was fully resprayed and interior done 12 years ago. Been stored and looked after really well ever since. No rust what so ever anywhere in the car.

It is the best of both worlds wicked acceleration and then cruises on the highway 105km/h=2000rpm !!!

The gearbox and clutch conv was done by Mal Wood Automotive in warwick. Any q's about the gearbox conversion or anything else send me an email or give us a call.

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