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1972 Spring Gold VH Charger 770

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Webpage Created 01/07/06
Webpage Updated 22/11/10
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Name Paul
Location Latrobe (VIC)
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Hi all, I used to have the username nohemipaul, but since I recently got one I thought it was time for a change. I got my hands on this 1972 VH Charger 770 (who would have guessed given the title). Originally it left the factory with a 265, 3 speed manual in Spring Gold Metalic paint. It still has a 265 and 3 speed but is currently in a pale blue as can be seen by the pics.

The body is pretty good compared to some others I've seen while looking for a car to buy with only minor panel damage on the driver's side rear quarter panel, and some rust in the passenger side sill. There are a few bubbles around the seam where the ducktail meets the side and some in the bottom left corner of the drain channel under the boot lid. The paint is good enough to leave as it is for the moment but I'm still trying to decide what colour to paint it when I get around to it. I really like Mercury Silver but I have seen a Spring Gold XL in the reader's rides section which looks ok to me. I'm told the plennums also have some issues so we'll be looking at those too.

Most of the seals and rubbers are going to need attention with the exception being the bootlid seal, it's like new. The bonnet rubber stops also look to have been replaced. The rest is what you would expect for a 34 year old car.

The windscreen has some scratches from a lack of wipers at some time and the driver's side window has been badly scratched. The rest of the glass is fine but the front and rear screen seals will be looked at, and the body checked for signs of metal cancer. The locking channels both front and rear need replacing.

The dash pad is in good condition but is the wrong colour and the dash facia is black, not the woodgrain finish you would usually expect for a 770. The metal facia is the same colour as the exterior with the glovebox and ashtray being left a dark grey. The original (I think) three spoke steering wheel is there and in good original tan condition, centre pad too. Both front seats need replacing but finding cheap 770 replacements is proving to be a challenge. Until I sell my current daily driver I'm left with having to do everything on the cheap. The shifter has been shortened and an aftermarket top has been added. This will have to be rectified. The floor carpet needs replacing but should be good enough to pass roadworthy. The rear seat is surprisingly good and the rooflining has only a small tear where the roof meets the rear window on the driver's side. All the original 770 badges are there except for the dashpad which has a blank recess.

All things considered I'm happy with my purchase and am looking forward to selling my F**d so I can get the 770 on the road. My aim is to be at Chryslers On The Murray 2007, should do it easily. I hope to catch up with many of you there, in the meantime enjoy your own ride. See you there.

24/07/06 The F**d is gone and I have shelled out most of the sale price on parts for the Charger, what's left will go the same way or be spent on registration and insurance for the Charger too. Today I re-installed the washer bottle under the bonnet - small step, but in the right direction. I also found that the wipers only have one speed - slow - even when turned on to the next click on the switch. Tomorrow is wheels and tyres day as I'm waiting for the parts to arrive to do the next bit/s. I should have the 2 volumes of VH Service Manual soon too, so will have more of a clue what I'm playing with. There's a lot that needs doing but most of it should only take a few hours to complete each stage. First drive using an unregistered vehicle permit was a great feeling, can't wait to have it on full rego!

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As you can see she is currently the wrong colour but I'm not sure which way to go, original Spring Gold or Mercury Silver. It's not a problem I need to spend too much time on, there are plenty of other things on the to-do list before a respray. There is some rust in a couple of the usual places, and some panel damage to the driver's rear quarter, but all in all she's pretty good. Definately worth putting back on the road.

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There is a four barrel Carter AFB 625 for induction and the 2 1/2" exhaust is fed by aftermarket extractors. I'm toying with the idea of fitting the original 2 barrel carb and manifold but will probably leave the extractors on for now.

The three speed manual gearbox has the usual problems with the shifter but this will be replaced as the stick has been shortened and dressed with an aftermarket knob. I'll re-co the replacement original type shifter before it goes in and see if I can put up with the problems these have. A four speed would be nice but as I've already indicated there is plenty of other things higher up the to-do list.

The diff is a standard open type Borg Warner unit. The pinion seal needs replacing and I've also picked up some universal joints to do at the same time, who knows I may even do the rear gearbox seal while I'm at it. Roadworthy will probably require it. There are some oil leaks in the drivetrain department but they are nowhere near as bad as what I've just experienced with my current vehicle.

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Uni-joints and front seats

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Getting to RWC and registration

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4000 km round trip
Yes we did 4000 km in a mostly untested car. After owning the Charger above for a few months we threw on a towbar and a relatively light camper trailer and headed to Queensland.

We were planning to leave on Saturday 16 September but didn't managed to get the wheels turning until the following afternoon. We were still getting things to fit in the trailer and preparing the Charger for the trip.

By the end of Sunday we had covered approximately 430 km of trouble free motoring. At this stage I wasn't anywhere near confident in the car but we kept going regardless. We stopped overnight at Tocumwal on the NSW side of the border with Vic.

On Monday we headed out and got as far as Narrandera, approximately 170 km, before we hit a problem. As we were going through town I put my foot on the clutch and a squeeling noise began that wouldn't go away. By the time we got directions to a mechanic the noise had stopped. As there was no point showing a perfectly good car to a mechanic we kept heading north but as we were pulling into the BP servo at West Wyalong it started squeeling again and louder than before. The noise stopped when the car stopped moving but I couldn't figure out what was going on. We headed back into town to the last mechanical place we passed (I'd been watching them as we went after leaving Narrandera). Within 30 mins a small tar coated pebble had been removed from between the brake disc and the weather shield and we were away. We were relieved to be moving again but my confidence in the car was pretty low even though the incident had nothing to do with the Charger. We made it to Dubbo that night, half way but with a further 1000 km to go. The next morning I noticed we had used a little oil and picked some up before heading off.

We crossed the Qld / NSW border the next afternoon and rolled into Toowoomba at about 8 pm. Nothing at all happened to the car that day other than the temperature gauge moved up marginally as the sun disappeared. It didn't get hot but the shift was detectable.

We made it to Caloundra mid morning of Wednesday 20 September without incident but my confidence with the car hadn't changed even though we had covered 2000 km without a single mechanical problem. I was just glad to have got to our destination.

After originally planning to leave the Sunshine Coast on Monday 2 October, we left two days later instead and stopped at Coonabarabran that night. The next day we set off for Bendigo and made it. After visiting friends we travelled to Melbourne on Saturday to stay with relatives, and got back to Traralgon on Sunday 8 October. 4000 km done without a single breakdown in a 34 year old car - not bad and my confidence in the old girl is now greatly increased. It will be interesting to see if the current batch of iconic Australian cars will still be being driven interstate in another 34 years. In the photo below it's hard to spot the Welcome to Victoria sign, but it is there and it was a welcome sight as we neared the end of our first major trip in the Charger.

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Air filters

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Clutch replacement

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Headlight Upgrade
Since one of my sealed beam hi/lo lamps started giving me grief and the driving lights only worked if you give each of them a tap after turning the switch on, I decided it was time to rectify the problems, after all this is my daily driver and I do drive it at night regularly.

Relays, better cables and halogen globes were on the wish list and that is what I've managed to get with more than a little help from a mate. Thanks lots Fishin Rod.

This is the sort of job that auto-electricians would do in their sleep, it took me a couple of days and you can get harness kits made up for Valiants regardless of model by guys who use soldered connections.

For those who are interested I've added the wiring diagram of what I did.

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