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my old girls

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Webpage Created 02/10/07
Webpage Updated 02/10/07
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Name Wil
Location burra (SA)
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I'm a die hard mopar fan, with a collection of CM valiants. i started with a bright yellow CM sedan (245 HEMI + auto) which my mother gave to me after years of driving it. it was then commandered by my old man, who sold it to some scumbag, which wrapped it around a tree. i then purchased another CM sedan (245 HEMI + 3-on-the-tree man.), which would later be dubbed the GLXR. it was driving this car that inspired my love for valiants. i then needed parts so i bought the metallic green REGAL (265 HEMI + auto) and the blood orange GLX (265 + 4-on-the-floor)

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this is my pride and joy. she is a collaboration of the best parts from 3 CM's; a sedan, Regal and a GLX, so i dubbed her the GLXR.

She is a mean machine, boasting; 14x7 cheviot rims wrapped in 215 brigstone supercats, custom red interior inserts, tacho where the speedo should be, vinal roof in excellent condition, side skirts, thumping sound system with an automatic antenna, 4-on-the-floor manual, cannon style straight through exhaust, 245 HEMI (197,000 kms), back pannel painted black, fuel pacer system (lights on my bonnet which flash when driving un-economically).

i once put the 265 HEMI with extractors (outta the red GLX) in it however i blew a conrod straight out the side of the block. the car then sat in my shed for 8 months, until i reluctantly put the stock 245 back in her.

i now have a 269 HEMI out of a dodge pick-up which i'm waiting to recondition and jazz-up, i have sourced out a place where i can get a reproduction Bathurst charger front spoiler, i want 2 cannons on the back and a spoiler like the US charger daytona, and.......... the list goes on...........and on......... i just need some cash to get me started.

oh yeah, my val has a lot of rust in the passanger sill panel but that is it for rust, i just need to find a replacement sill panel. there is also a handful of minor dents on her, but apart from that she is perfect.

note: my muffler usually sits higher but the bracket broke, so i have attached it with fencing wire for now.

i'll keep you updated with my progress

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

79 GLX
This old girl has seen better days. apparantly there were only 300 GLX's brought out, which makes them more rare then the shelby cobra. but despite this fact i would sell it as a project car to buy parts for my GLXR.

any enquiries??
call me anytime on 0402693611

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

lets have a minutes silence for the old regal

+ pics of the GLXR

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

Chrysler Lancer
exterior is crap but front seats, gauges, sterring wheel and mechanical parts are good.

need anything off it???
call me anytime 0402693611

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