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Eddy's Pacers - Stolen parts for sale

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Webpage Created 14/03/05
Webpage Updated 07/01/14
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Name Edward
Location Melbourne (VIC)
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I have been into the Chryslers for quite some time now, learning to drive in my first Valiant, the family VE Wagon, bought from new. I have owned and driven other makes, but I am still drawn to the Chrysler marque.
There is something magical about driving a 43 year old 6 cylinder vehicle, that performs better than today's V8's. It's akin to a modified Model A Ford with the same performance as an R- Series Valiant in the 60's.
Currently I have two Pacer's left which have been detailed below. Also pictured are the Chrysler's that were my previous rides.

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Stolen Parts for Sale
Hi All,

I have just recently seen my car parts (along with other garage equipment) taken from my property, being advertised on gumtree, by a user of the name HUI from Kings Park, VIC.

I have reported this to the local (Caroline Springs) police station (on 06/01/2014), and also with gumtree, today (7/01/2014 at approx 2:15pm).

The pacer bonnet, and bucket seats are from my VG Pacer (A88) as described in this section. The bucket seats also have a matching rear bench which I cannot currently locate.

Other items also include but are not limited to are:

a pacer LSD diff, 4-speed manual, new 3sp manual, 245 pacer engine block, 265 engine, 265 (EFI) engine (serial #'s supplied at a later date), WOLF 3D EFI computer, custom Hemi 6 4BBL manifold, original Slant 6 4bbl offenhauser manifold, Alpine car stereos, VE OEM workshop manual, various high performance clutches, custom ground cranks, and cylinder heads, carburetors, McMillan MC12 air compressor, tools and a host of other equipment.

Please find below a sample of the parts on gumtree.

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VG Pacer (A88)
Whilst externally still appearing stock, the second reconditioned engine featured additional improvements.
A 0.040" over 265 with ceramic coated pistons has been added, in conjunction with a 4bbl Carby and Cain manifold, a set of ceramic coated headers, and port matched manifolds. The head has been massaged and a suitable cam selected. The gearbox is a 4 speed manual running to a 2.92:1 diff (soon to be 3.23 LSD). Suspension has been renewed with the addition of adjustable Koni's, and nolathane bushes not in all areas.
Brakes have been upgraded to AU rotors with twin piston setup, with a set of 15" Superlites on Bridgestone rubber.

In the never ending quest for mo' par, I have decided to replace the 265 Carby fed engine, with one with the following options:

Modified CHI Alloy Head, Nail head valves, Yella Terra roller rockers;
"edline" modified six pack inlet, NOS ready, 3 x DCOE style throttle bodies.
Custom 'Twister', 6 into 1 fat exhaust.
Forged pistons, custom rods, Perkins balancer, 80amp alternator, HE sump.

Update Aug '10 - engine is in receiving a make over.

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VF Pacer (Cosmic Blue)
This Cosmic Blue VF Pacer, is in original condition, and has not been modified. What is so special about this particular Pacer is that it was sold in April of 1970, making it one of the last few left for sale, as the VG Pacer was being released in May '70. The seats have the VF Pacer trim on VG bucket frames, which suggests the factory ran out of the high back 'tombstone' buckets.

Restoration has slowly begun in Feb 07. The original slant is to be used as a pot holder for plants :-O, and will be replaced by a 265 from the above VG (far right) for light daily duties. If this car is not to serve for daily duties, then a full restoration will take place.

Of recent, since the other priorities have taken valuable resources, this project has been put on the back burner and hopefully will resume in the not too distant future.

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VF Pacer (Toledo Red)
Another one of my Pacer's, but a previous ride. This vehicle was left totally standard. It featured an immaculate interior neutral trim. Since being sold, it went to a good home and received the attention this classic deserves, (far right) Cheers, Ange!

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VG Pacer (PP)
This one just got sold recently (mid '06). This VG Pacer (Poverty Pack - ie. standard) is not quite a ride, it's rather a stationary.
It has no features, except a replaced (CM) 245 engine, but is complete, and in dire need of restoration. Rust only appears in the rear quarter panels.
The grim realisation that I am not going to restore this one led me to pass it on to another fellow Chrysler enthusiast.

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VG Regal Coupe
This '70 Coupe left Adelaide with a hue of Bronze metallic, vinyl roof, 245 & 3spd auto. During it's first restoration, it was given a colour change to Chrysler silver metallic, together with an engine upgrade to a 265 on LPG.
After a couple of years, it received another colour change to (Mitsubishi) Sherwood Green, together with another engine upgrade, 265 + .040", balanced, E38 cam, Cain 4bbl manifold, Holley 465, Pacemaker headers, 2 1/2" exhaust and modified BW35 auto. Max. performance level reached was 170 rwhp.
It's final colour change, after another couple of years, appeared in the hue of Hot Mustard. In 2003 it was time to let it go, as the engine was getting tired, and the car needed a lot more attention than I was prepared to give it.

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VE Safari
This was the very first Valiant I drove. Initially a 225, 3 on the tree manual, and 3.23:1 diff.
The slant was treated to a rebore, fitted with a Yella Terra head, Holley 350 on a 2bbl manifold, a set of headers, with a 2 1/2" exhaust system. The transmission was changed to a Toyota Celica steel case 5 speed gearbox, via an adapter plate. This was connected to a 2.92:1 standard diff. Sensibly, the front brakes were also upgraded to discs.

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