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Webpage Created 28/07/06
Webpage Updated 21/01/11
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Name Phillip
Location Perth (WA)
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This is my 1974 Valiant VJ Charger.

Im finally back with a bit of an update on the Charger. Since the small fender bender the car has been off the road for almost 2 years! I had the car fully stripped and sent it to the panel beaters who repaired the damage and removed all the rust. Getting everything nice and straight the original Arctic White was applied with a custom pearl over the top and semi-gloss black inserts along the back. Getting the car home the underside was painted black and custom rear leaves drop the back closer to the ground. A Heavy-Duty 3.23 diff was sourced and fitted to 10" finned drums. All the chrome was refurbished and re-chomed , though I'm still looking for a set of trims for the vinyl roof that fit!

The new stereo has been fitted and includes a Sony Xplode MP3 iPod head unit, 6.5" front splits and 6x9" in the back. The boot has been fully customised and trimmed containing twin 12" Sony Subs. The 4-channel Sony amp runs the subs and there is a 2-channel amp under the front passenger seat to run the front stage.

I have been slowly collecting the bits and pieces for the engine. It will be a slightly worked 265ci Hemi running a long-runner manfold and 600cfm Holley vac/sec. It will be running, pacemaker extractors, roller rockers and a E-49 spec cam. I also have a new 3-core radiator ready to fit. The car will be ready for my wedding in October and future plans include an upgrade to bigger wheels and a V8.

When it came to restoring the rest of the interior, I had a good idea of what I wanted. I know itís considered a cardinal sin for a 1970ís Mopar not to have a black interior but I wanted something different that still appeared almost factory. I opted for a bold red/black interior consisting of red marine vinyl (marine vinyl has better UV protection and can get wet) and red cloth inserts with black piping along the original design lines of the interior. Other touches to the interior include smoothing over the rear parcel shelf and dash top, deleting the ashtrays from behind the seats (again with the no smoking!) and the addition of late model Commodore retractable seatbelts up front. Small rust spots in the floor and boot area where fibreglassed and the area rust proofed before the black carpet and hood lining were fitted. The original dash was replaced by a 770 item that has been pulled apart and painted to suit the rest of the interior, even with the globes painted to glow red. The hole in the dash where a previous owner had a stereo was filled in with a Valiant badge on a piece of painted Perspex attached to a modified indicator that glows red with the rest of the dash lights.

Enjoy the pics and I will keep you up to date with the mods to the car. Drop me a line anytime at


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