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Webpage Created 28/02/06
Webpage Updated 14/03/06
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Name Emanuel
Location Hobart (TAS)
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These are some of my VG's

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My Mustard VG Pacer Hardtop
Picked up the car about 15 years ago. Paint job had just been completed but the owner could not pay for it. Just had to pay for the paint job and the car was mine.

I don't know much of the history of the car prior to purchasing it, other than it was run down a fair bit. The previous owner decided to save the car but when it came to paying for the paint job he fell through.

Over a few years I had to source a lot of parts as the car was just a freshly painted body. Came across most items from another Hardtop donor car that was being wrecked and from Chrysler/freinds who helped me a lot in putting the car together.

Its a real joy taking the car out to trips. Only major job that needs doing during the next year or so, is the front suspension.

I have always liked the colour combinations under the bonnet of the VG Pacers. I recall as a 15 year old going to the show rooms with my Dad and seeing a Blue Pacer. When we lifted the bonnet I was hit with this technicolour image. The blue engine bay with a hemi orange engine block, yellow rocket cover and air filter, white topped battery with red stripe water topping up cover, clear plastic water bottle, deep red inlet manifold, navy blue leads with brown dirtributer cover. The leads were connected to the engine with yellow caps and the fan was white. Even the wiper motor and heater motor had the shiny silver finish and the oil filter was white. You got to hand it to Chryser for the effort in presenting a colourful image under the bonnet.

I have tried to caputure this image to some degree with my mustard Pacer. I like taking the cars back to as close to original as possible. I must say its somewhat easier now than a few years ago. With such items as decals, stickers and an assortment of other items available. Its also easier to source such items through the internet.

Will add additional photos in the near future together with some of my other VG's. I have stayed with the one model but have tried to get all the versions of that model, including Sedans, Regals, Hardtops, Wagons, Ute, Pacers, 770,VIP. Not all of them are resored yet. Have twelve cars with six of them either resored or good original condition. The other six are future projects. Stay tuned for more photo's in the near future

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Ride Article

VG Hardtop Regal V8
Owned this car for about 20 years. Was a tired 245 hemi but very strait and rust free. Decided to freshen her up about eight years ago. After taking out the engine, came across a VF VIP V8 that was too rusty to save, but all the running gear was in good condition although I did have the engine stripped down and warmed up a bit.

Decided to drop all the running gear into the Regal Hardtop, engine, transmission, radiator, K frame, brakes, power steering, and the shorter steering coloumn for the power steering. While I had everything out I also put a new front suspension kit with sway bars from a CL. Also decided to keep to the original colour, the grey with the black vinyl roof, but decided to tint the windows. I have had many comments of the colour combination and how mean the car looks with the classic grey/black combo, tinted windows and V8 rumble. I have always like the lines of the VF/VG Hardtops, especially the concave back window and classic C pillar.

Has been about six years since the rebuild and the beast is running like new. Have updated the breathing with a 4BBL and appropiate manifold with twin exhaust. My son used to borrowed the "Mafia Car" to cruise around but for the last four years she has been locked up in storage with the occasional taking out to club runs or coupe of weeks at home.

I must stay its a beautiful cruiser and she gets a lot of looks whenever I take her out. I never had a V8 till I got this beast going, and I do enjoy the note and thump of having a V8. Having said that I also note how much heavier the car is on front end with the V8 in it. Compared to a Hemi six, the car does understeer and plow a bit more when cornering. I also find the power steering a little too light, but that's the way they built them then.

I can understand why Chrysler decided to go with the Hemi Six Pac as it does feel lighter and better balanced especially in sedan mode. Its a real shame Chrysler did not have the Six Pack with a four speed box combination ready for the VG Pacer sedans for the 70/71 race year. But then there are a lot of what if stories around.

More pitures to follow soon

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