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1977 Charger CL 770 E44 D20

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Webpage Created 04/07/06
Webpage Updated 27/03/07
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Username KaleE44D20 (0)User has feedback score under 5
Name Kale Jensen
Location Wandong (VIC)
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Managed to track down a genuine E44 D20 factory 318 V8 4 speed charger in one of the great colours crystal torquoise metallic & buy it from Ebay May 2006.

Built 22nd June 1977.
First registered on 3rd January 1978
Chrysler dealer code N738.
Original number plate - (NSW) JIL-486.
Options E44 = 318 Fireball V8.
D20 = 4 speed manual
Diferential 3.23 LSD has been fitted later.

It is build number 38 of the 183 built.

Original colour is Chrystal Turquoise Metallic'. (QC),

There were 104 CL Chargers all up painted in this colour

8 were CL V8 4 speed Chargers.

Total CL Charger production was 1,815.

Car is currently unregisted & had not been driven since 1988 being garaged for the last 18 years.

It is in great condition as you would exspect from a car that was only 10 years old when it was pulled of the road & placed into moth balls.

It has an excellent rust free body and with only a few things needing to be done to get it running & back on the road, hopefully it will be ready for Chryslers on the Murray in 2007.

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Crystal Turquoise Metallic
QC 4850

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Parchment with Blue cloth inserts
Trim Code L1

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

318 Fireball
Engine Code - E44

High volume oil pump
4 Barrel inlet manifold
650 holley

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Engine - E44 - 318 5.2 litre
Gearbox D20 - 4 Speed
Differential Suregrip 3.23 LSD

Dealer fitted options
Chrysler Dealer fitted original wind and slide vinyl sunroof with original green flip-up sun visor.

Centre roof mount ariel

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