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Lady V - Valiant VH Coupe 1971

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Webpage Created 09/06/10
Webpage Updated 09/06/10
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Name Christel
Location Gold Coast (QLD)
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We recently purchased a Valiant VH Coupe 1971, No26 off the line with an original 318 Fireball as a restoration project. This is my hubby Kevins dream car that he has wanted for years. Finding her on ebay was in the V-Gods hands because we were actually looking at another VH in NSW and this one came up here in QLD but had ended weeks before. Quick ph call revealed she was still up for sale, and before you knew it, she was ours to insane delight!

We named her "Lady V" (Valiant VH - aka Violet) and the colour we are keen on is a Deep Violet (V) Pearl Metallic.

Lady V sat in a barn beside a Ford XY for 15 years and was as dry as could be with very little rust, thanks to the hay bales nearby. We will do a complete rebuild of this car in due course with the aim for the muscle car end result. We need a garage before we can do this, as she currently sits outside (in front of the bedroom window!) under cover, so we are looking for a house that can accommodate our baby so we can strip her back and begin the work, excitement is hard to keep at bay!

This is our 3rd Valiant, our first car purchased when we were 17yrs was a AP5, Slant 6 (bored out to 30thou), Auto Pushbutton, we fully restored her and had her painted in a Metallic Stardust Black, she was a real head turner that we proudly owned for 10yrs. Later we purchased a VH Valiant Regal, though kept her in original condition.

I grew up with Valiants my entire life, as a kid my Dad owned a Valiant VC for many years, she was immaculate! Later Dad owned a Regal, then went on to rebuild a Valiant VG Coupe Hardtop, with a fully rebuilt 318 Fireball. My eldest brother also rebuilt a Valiant VG Coupe Hardtop with a 360 Hemi. Brother in law owned a Valiant VH with a 265 Hemi, beautiful car, originally white with flames on the side, later in years he painted her Metallic Blue.

Back to Lady V, this car we have no intentions on selling! She will be our Muscle Car that we will thoroughly enjoy rebuilding and will post up as we go along.

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Lady V - Home Sweet Home
Saturday 29th of May 2010 - Lady V arrives Home!

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