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Pentastar Parts & Restorations - Official Sponsor of
Price: $155.00

For use on 1964-69 Small Block LA engines with cast iron water pump housings and TRW or Thompson pumps. Can be used on both A/C and non-A/C applications. Includes (3) 5/16-18 hex coni sems bolts to attach the brackets to the pump body and the "H" head bolt, conical washer, and nut used to mount the brackets to the water pump housing. Extra washer provided for use on water pump housing bolt in adjusting slot. Powder-Coated low gloss black for better appearance and longer life.

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  Pentastar Parts & Restorations

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Webpage Created 02/10/09
Webpage Updated 18/11/09
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Name damian
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slowly slowly have collected abit of a collection. more of a habbit

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69 VIP 318F
had my girl since i was 17. lots of memories in this one. it was also my first love. ha.

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what drives me to the job sites everyday.
bought my work horse couple of years back. has never let me down, even when she got really sick.just under went a bit of a over haul. kept standard comp so 8.8:1. rpm manifold. edelbrock 750. comp cams xe268. lifters. j heads 1.94/1.6 inch valves. double springs. fllowing through some pacemakers an twin 2 1/4 with a H pipe. goes pretty good. cant wait till i give it a full rebuild an add some comp to it

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dream lover
this is the dream, plans are to bring it back to its younger days. no mods. an no plans to.

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