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TR's Mighty Mopar's - Sydney

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Webpage Created 18/05/05
Webpage Updated 22/07/05
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Name Terry Ryan
Location Sydney (NSW)
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Hi there to all Mopar Fans ! My first memories were back in 59 when our family owned a 54 Plymouth, then in 63 when my uncle who was a mechanic in Leichhardt, [he piloted a Lancaster Bomber over Germany in WW2] we blew off a new EJ Holden and a Vanguard in his HEMI powered Chrysler Royal [modified] at over 120mph [he loved flying off the clock] when I was 7 on the way into Bathurst on route to Orange. I can clearly remember that inspired and competitive grin he had on his face as we blasted past, almost ready for take-off. Slot car racing and billy-carts were the norm, particularly exhilerating when I lived very close to one of the steepest hills in Sydney, a challenge ? you bet ! In later years my father bought new Valiants from 66 on until 1980, which included Pacer's , Charger's & H/Tops.
So it comes as no surprise that I had my bedroom wall plasted from top to bottom with centre-folds of Mopars from Hot Rodding Review and other mags since 68 when I was 12. Hitch hiking out to Amaroo,Oran Park & training it to Warwick Farm was the go when the Chargers of Chivas, Geoghegan & co were on track. Bought my 1st car when I was 13,& owned 7 cars before I got my licence. I,ve been modifying and building , restoring cars ever since. I built one of the first Turbo V8's in Australia back in 1976[HQ GTS 4dr stroked 308, 564hp on the engine dyno] and raced open-wheelers in the 80's. F2 & F1, preparing my race cars at my Garage.
I'm an Auto Engineer and own and operate a Service Station with a current collection of some 20 odd Mopars from 1935 to 2001, and have started importing from the States in the last 12months with my new company Select Imports Sydney P/L. I regularly display some of my vehicles at selected shows, enjoy all Mopars and associated outings.
I've also started a new Sydney car club called " The Mighty Mopar Warriors Inc ", primarily for the finned era from 56 to 61, but not restricted to those. Our club charter is based around raising money for Kids with Cancer and other children's foundations which is continually needed for there survival.
Being also a Councilor for the "City of Ryde", there is never enough time to prepare and drive my Mopars.
I'll attach some photo's soon and look forward to meeting many of you fine Mopar fans. Cheers to all ! Happy Moparing!

Ride Articles

TR's Mopars
Here's a few shots of some of my Mopar's. A 58 Desoto Firesweep Stretch Limo [Unique in the World], 66 Dodge Monaco , 57 Chrysler Saratoga[only 1 in Australia] with my 70 Challenger and my 58 Desoto Firesweep Convertible[only 1 in Australia and 1 of 8 made with twin 4bls] photo taken at a recent Club day at WSID, 2001 PT Cruiser[ 1st PT registered in NSW and 1st custom PT in Australia], and a black 59 Desoto Fireflite 2dr[only 1 in Australia].
Well that's about 7 of them, the other's include a 58 300D, 59 300E , 61 300G, all famous letter cars, a 35 Dodge Coupe Hot rod, 34 Dodge Pick-up Hot-rod, 58 Desoto Fireflite Sportsman, 58 Dodge Royal Lancer, 60 Plymouth Fury, 65 Dodge Coronet Super Stock Drag Car["Color Me Gone"], 68 Chrysler 300, 68 Chrysler New Yorker, 71 Chrysler Imperial Le'Barron, 67 VC V8 Regal Ute[only 3 made], 80 CM Valiant, and thats about it, except for a rolling chasis 71 Demon which i'm selling in the States.
So there's some "Mopar Madness" for you !!! Yeah I know what you saying, " this guy's crazy", well your right !!
"Cheers and Happy Moparing" ! TR

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WSID 17th July 2005 Attack Rnd/1
We adventured to WSID on Sunday 17th for the 1st of 6 Bracket attacks.
On a slippery morning track we speiled off a 1st run still 6 00 rpm shy off reaching its max foot and throttle stall speed --- good effort !!!! 1st - 2nd - 3rd -- 7000rpm !!
Voted " Best Burn Out " !!
Only 2 hunderds off its fastest ever 1/4 mile time of 10.78 !
Because we " Broke Out ". we now have to roll bar the car & up the class to Super Sedan.
We will gladly move faster !! To keep the pedal buried !!
See Yah There !! 21 / August - Bracket Attack 2 . WSID !
Terry .

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"Best Mopar" Award at MotorEx Sydney 2005, 2-3 July
After a week of good rain in Sydney, easing off on Thursday night, I only had 4 hours on Friday morning to prepare 5 cars [which had to be in and set up by that evening] for the one of Australia's largest Motor Shows, The Meguiars 2 day Sydney MotorEx held at the Sydney Olympic Park. I showed 5 cars, which was the biggest number of any entrant. 3 Dodges, 1 Desoto and 1 Chrysler.
With thousands of people coming through, there was something for everyone.
There was excitement plus when the 65 Super Stock Coronet[Color Me Gone - replica] started and its healthly 512ci of Mopar literally stopped everyone in their tracks when throttled.
4 of my 5 cars on display are unique in Australia, so many avid collectors and fellow enthusiasts were delighted to see these together at one show.
I was overwhelmed with 3 offers, 2 from current Presidents of clubs asking if I'd like a partner in Select Imports Sydney P/L. They were amazed at the quality, rareness and the originality of my Chrysler's presented.
And to my delight my 58 Desoto Convertible took out the top award for "Best Mopar" amongst a quality field. So my decision to get to the show paid off.
My thanks to Graham from the Thunderbird Owners Club and Meguiars for a great event and the award.

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65 Dodge Coronet Super Stock "Color Me Gone"
JUST COMPLETED 1ST EVER RUN ON AUSTRALIAN SOIL AT WSID NOSTALGIA DRAGS 19-6-2005. My 1st run was a solo in the Individual Challenge Class Qualifier, 11 secs minimum, with a Big Burn out [1st,2nd & Top gears] on New M/T Rubber I fitted the day before, fresh VP109 fuel, plus a new 5 point harness and 1 days preparation at my garage. Its previous fastest time in Kansas City was a 10.78 at 127mph. This first ever run for me and the Dodge netted a 10.87 at 125mph. The crowd went wild with applause on my return past the stands, and the marshalls clapped with the thumbs up after our maiden run ! I AM RAPT !! Remembering I can't break 11 secs or I'm out after qualifying, and then I'll be forced to fit a cage and race in another class ! But I want to keep this in original US Super Stock trim. [I'll try and scan and post the times for you to see]. The 2nd run hooked up even better with a warmer track, more revs[still not using the line lock], pulled a wheel off the line, 1.5 60ft & .2 quicker by the 330' mark, but I had to lift off so I would'nt break 11 secs, which I did with 100yards to go and still netted a 10.94 at a slower 102mph. This pass would have been close to a 10.60 or quicker at almost 130 had I kept on it !! I had to dial in the minimun 11 secs for Elimination where I red lighted and blew it all away , so I became a spectator and enjoyed the day.
I must admit , this thing hauls arse !! More news soon !!
THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME OVER & SHOWED SUPPORT, and to the gentleman who offered me "BIG BUCKS" !!
NEXT RUN WSID- 17 July-Sun Bracket Attack !
Come and join us ! Cheers - Terry Ryan .
This purpose built Super Stock had been racing in Mid States from the 70's. Has won 6 titles and is a replica of the 65 car "Color Me Gone"[64 was the 1st]. Runs 11sec bracket. Quickest time has been 10.78 @ 127mph. Powered by 512ci [4.25" stroked & bored 440], comp cams, rollers, 950cfm BG, full port, Doug's headers, 4500 stall, Hurst reverse shift with line lock, modded 727, 4.56 gears, moser axles, trans brake, alloy radiator, Moroso electric w/pump, no belts, fuel cell with electric pumps-1/2" lines, twin boot batteries, glass guards & bumpers, 3500lbs class. About 740hp. Has all the right gear !
I went to Kansas last year and brought it back in November to run here in Nostalgia.
I've since had a twin 4" stainless exhaust with upswept side pipes and flame throwers fitted, plus prep work.
This thing sounds WILD, IS WILD ! Anyone who went to the All American Car Show at Castle Hill would have heard this !
This is my " Mighty Mopar Warriors Inc" club drag car ! for all to enjoy ! Come and join us go racing !!
Interested in coming along then let me know, cheers TR !
My 81 Ralt RT4 at Amaroo Pk in 86 when I won the Final Rnd F1 Australian Drivers Championship, the last ever round for the Formula Mondial in Australia. This is the Original Ch 7 Camera car that pioneered the current F1 Camera of today.
I earlier raced this car in the Australian Grand Prix in 1984 against World Champions, Niki Lauda and Keke Rosberg, plus Roberto Mareno etc . [All preparation & re-builds were carried out in my workshops. I still have the car ].

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TR's 300D, 300G & 300E "Letter Cars".
From the finned era of 'MIGHTY MOPARING" with Vergil Exner Designs. The Chrysler "Letter Cars" started the " Muscle Car Empire".

1/. 1961 Chrysler 300G; 413ci-twin 4barrel cross-ram,black with tan 4 seat leather trim, swivel electric seats,a/c,electric windows, push-button 727, LSDiff, Luminescent "Astrodome" 150mph speedo. This was the last of the finned letter cars. 154mph speed trials Daytona Sept 1961. The fastest built American production road car in its day!
I bought this from Denver Colorado 2years ago from the 2nd owner. A rare and appreciating finished Muscle Car ! I rebuilt the trans,rechromed bars,new rubbers and some paint, dynoed,other minor items. Have purchase order, receipts,all log books, brochures etc. I have fiited since 18" 100Spoke wire wheels so we dont damage the original hubcaps & wheels , fitted stereo. Rego- 300G. TRUE MUSCLE !

2/.1959 Chrysler 300E original and unrestored ; 413ci-inline twin 4barrel, 57,000 original miles, 2 owner, factory a/c, cruise control, original swivel leather seats & trim, auto h/light dim, solex glass, "Simply Stunning" , last of the letter cars in this body style, have all books-receipts-brochures-manuels etc. This is a unique car in Australia. Only 540 ever built - rarest of the fast letter cars. Another 150mph Mopar !
I bought this last year from Ohio, from an elderly enthusiast and brought it out this year. New " Just Dashes" and also Stereo fitted. TRUE MUSCLE !
3/. The last photo is my 58 300D with 392ci twin 4bl Hemi Power [Photo taken in Los Angeles where it is at this time, arriving in September] . Last of the Hemi's.

By 1970 in Australia we had 4bl small block fords and chevs, 6 cylinder valiants as our top level muscle cars, where as 15 years before in the states , Chrysler began with 2dr h/top " BIG BLOCK twin 4bl HEMIS " , that were turning 140mph in the sand on Daytona Beach , in the 50'S !!!! Australia unfortunately never had "BIG BLOCK MUSCLE CARS" available to the public.

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My 58 Desoto Firesweep Convertible
Wanting a girlfriend for my Black 58 Firesweep Limo[Rego,LIMOPA], I was lucky enough to come by a White 58 Firesweep Convertible still owned by the original family in Los Angeles. 1 of 8 built with twin 4bls[345hp-350ci] from the Adventurer, it has Kelsey Hayes Wires, I purchased it last year from a Mike Frankovich who's father, Mike Senior bought it new in Los Angeles in 58. He was a screen play write and movie director in Holywood[who at one stage bought 1 car every month] and has driven John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe in this car back in 59. He had 55 cars in his private museum at Burbank, Los Angeles. With its original purchase order, receipts,log books and brochures it is unique in Australia and 1 of 2 remaining. I drove it in Los Angeles last year and Chauffered "The Legend" custom car builder of all time, " George Barris"[Batmobile,Munsters, Monkeys, Back to the Future, cars] in it when he invited me to "Bob's Big Boy's" Diner on a Friday night when I was there in LA, checking and enjoying cruising around with the top down to Malibu Beach and all over Cali ! This was an experience, and a blast !! I registered it appropriately, LAMOPA! Available for Weddings,formals,special events, TRIPS & commercial TV , as with Limo. Won "Best Mopar" at the All American Day & "People's Choice" at Chryslers at Darling Harbour this year.

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TR's 1 Owner 57 Saratoga.
This original 28,000 mile, no rust, never repaired Saratoga I bought off the original Chrysler Dealership Family in Shamokin, Pennsylvania. This car had never been sold to the public until I bought it off the Dealerships Principals son, who is 71 years of age, and inherited the car from his father.
I fitted 100 spoke wire wheels to protect the unmarked original tyres and hubcaps ! I resprayed the Metallic Mahogony and rechromed front and rear bars, beacause of surface fading. PAINTED AT OUR SPECIALIST WORKSHOPS IN LOS ANGELES. Comes with log books, dealer delivery docket and brochures. Unique in Australia. 354ci 4bl Spitfire Engine. Just beautiful to drive !!!
Won "Best Classic" at All American Day 2005. [not for sale].

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1935 Dodge Businessmans Coupe.
This all steel 35 Australian Dodge Hot Rod I bought from Queensland many years ago with all existing body work done. It has a 3" chop, full tilt front on struts, fluted bonet, filled, sunroof, dicky seat model with full rear leg room. Beautifully built & engineered !! Too many body and chassis mods to list ! Just excellent engineering in body-chassis that I was fortunate enough to put on the road !
It now runs a [4.15 stroked 440] 496ci, twin Edelbrocks,mild purple shaft cam, mild port, block huggers, twin stainless, 9" 3.50 Richmond gears, mosers, twin batteries[underseats], big alternator. Electric windows, Full Alpine Entertainment with front and rear TV's - DVD- PLAY STATION - MINI DISC- CD & STACK- Front & Rear splitters & Twin 10" Subs, plus 3 amps. Has full gauges and Vintage heat , and other gear.
A full manuel H/D 727 hanndles about 580hp nicely!
An HT Holden frontend with P76 cross-drilled rotors, HQ Calipers & HQ "Thunderdome" bilsteins, King springs and rack&pinion take care of the front. And rear comfort gas Bilsteins, valiant springs, tramp bars & front -rear sway bars makes this handle extremely well. 15"x10" & 15"x7" Convo Pro wheels.
This is by far one of the most awesome "Highway Mauler's", I've had the opportunity of owning. It pulls off the line in top gear without hesitation easily, and it has no stall. It's as smooth as silk. Acceleration hits you in the back all the way to 220 kph [and beyond] with a calibrated smith's speedo. On the open road you never have to change back out of top, and when planted at 120k's, it wheelspins in top as you overtake on the road markings, and, because of it's favourable aero-dynamics, becomes more stable the faster you go, giving extra downforce as it splits the air with its V shaped frontend and narrow screen. And, it's quite good on fuel as well, my 1st stop from Sydney to Surfer's being Port Maquarie. Point to point on the open road and up to 250kph this embarresses all before him, including Turbo Porsche and Ferrari !! Not kidding , I did it on the way up to Indy in 98 with my babe next to we all the way. I ran into them on one of their combined club trips to Indy of about 7 cars, 3/4s of the way up the NSW Coast. Believe me, they won't forget DCOUPE, the 35 Dodge " Highway Mauler ". This is when it earned it's name !!! By the time we pulled into Tweed Heads, with 2 Porsche's and 1 Ferrari,[ they weren't game to try and go past me for the last 15 km's, mind you they couldn't, although , I think they realised their order ] , who followed in behind me to get fuel, followed over the next 5-6 minutes by the remaining Euro's . They all gathered around it, and paid there respects, so I tilted the front end, and showed them 8+ litres of "Mopar Magic" ,and they all spun out !! Result of the Highway Maule was, I Ferrari WITH A BROKEN VALVE SPRING, & RATTLING !! 6 OTHER EURO'S TOTALLY DISGRACED !! Has to be 1 of its more memorable times of HIGHWAY MAULING !!
Registration ; DCOUPE.

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1970 340 Dodge Challenger
This is my 70 Challenger i've owned for about 8 years.
It now runs a comodore rack which help makes it [fixes all the problem with pitman arm & idler arm play] steer, track & handle fantastic. Has track pack 1/4 mile front torsions & H/D Discs.
It runs X heads, M1 Mopar intake, 750BG,10:I forgies,Purple shaft cam, 4bolt steel crank, MP dissie &ECU, 727 with shift & 3200 stall. 3.5 ratio Sure-grip , 10x15 & 7x15 Centreline Warriors. A Mopar offset rear end, prostock springs & snubber take care of the 295"s at the rear.
A T/A hood allows good breathing with a boot mounted battery keeping it clean around the bay, with a big radiator-electric fan keeping it cool. New black "Year One" interior & headlining with a nice R/H dash keeps it all new inside.
Factory tinted glass with Viper Red paint keeps it looking sharp ! Runs 13's, but better gearing & carb work, it will run 12's. Registration for this E-body. DODGEE

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Due to numerous requests for more photos and info on thee " Mighty Mopar Warrior ", here's the info on "LIMOPA".
I found this in Melbourne stacked away in a storage facility, un-registered with 38,000 original miles. An ex consulate car from WA. Changed hands a few times, someone else fitted the 440 but never finished. [ Are they ever?] I fitted ; dual-fuel, reconstructed the roof & fiited new dual electric sun-roofs and re-vinyled roof. Fitted remote door-locks, 4 drop mirrors, 3 slant back aerials, dual batteries, re-did the hood lining and carpeting and undefelt through out incl boot. 440ci- now has block-huggers and dual 2.5" stainless with FLAME throwers, modified 727, 3.25 Richmond Gears,9" LSD with billet axles. 4 W/Discs , cross-drilled fronts. Bilstein f/shocks,r/air shocks. New front/rear screens. Fitted 15" Kelsey-Hayes Wires. Did the red stripe to match the original interior red/white vinyl upholstery. Has the original electric divider window and original dual Air-Con & power steering . I also fitted external souding music machine,CD, 240volt inverter. Changed lighting and wiring and other items.
This beast weighs in at 3 tons, about 8 metres long and sits on 200kph all day.
It seats 2 in the front and 6 in the rear with 2 opposing 3 seaters with ample stretched out leg-room. This is a fun machine !!!!!!! It is the only 58 Desoto Limo in the World !! Truely one of the " Mightiest Mopar Warriors" to roam the planet !! Was a scene stealer at " Bathurst " with 2 hired promo girls and a chauffer with me for the weekend.
Available in Sydney for weddings, formals, special occassions, movies, promotions etc etc.
Many famous people have been in this machine, including Johny O'Keefe. Prime Ministers Blah Blah !
This beast registered " LIMOPA " is a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE IN MOTORING, and it's for all to enjoy !! "LIMOPA" now enjoys the company of his girlfriend "LAMOPA", A white 58 Desoto Firesweep Convertible that I found in LA.[Imagine if they have a baby, A fresh White and pink striped 58 4dr pillarless may be the new born, with a set of Kelsey-Hayes Wires too ? We could call it " LEMOPA ", STAY TUNED !]
PS ; I might think about stroking the 440 and sticking an 871 blower through the 2nd bonnet that I already have and run it out at the drags !! [ A Limo out at WSID, now that's something no ones seen or done !!] LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS !!
Cheers & Happy Moparing -- Tezza !!!

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