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I need an Oil Well !!!

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Webpage Created 14/08/06
Webpage Updated 30/10/09
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Name Matt Thomson
Location Newtown (NSW)
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Here's my 1969 Dodge Phoenix Hardtop. Had a 383, now has a 1969 440, 20thou over. She has a steel crank, 6 pack rods, Edelbrock air gap intake, full MSD ignition setup, Barry Grant Demon 850cfm carby, mild cam, race balancer and tricked stage2 auto with a 2300 stall. 8 3/4 with 3.55 limo centre. 17" rims with MT street slicks on the rear. 2" lowering blocks, keep the pinion snug against the floor, launches great!!! Interior needs a bit of work and the vinyl is due to be changed when the roof gets done. Almost there, nearly ready for rego, just in time to pay $1.65 per litre for PULP juice!!!
Never gonn'a change the under coat look...

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Eastern Creek Saturday Racing
Eastern Creek Saturday meeting....much better than Wednesday night Need For Greed 3 runs in 5hrs!!

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