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Webpage Created 11/06/05
Webpage Updated 14/01/17
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Name Mick
Location Werribee (VIC)
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It started off with a jeep,then a hankering for Charger,then another Jeep now a Valiant.When will it end?
Too many Mopars.

Ride Articles

1975 Chrysler 770 Charger
Our Charger, since 2004.bare metal respray x 2,rack and pinion steering.4 barrel Carby.extractors,great rumble.

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

1995 Jeep Cherokee
Trusty not rusty Jeep,go anywhere Machine.Dual fuel cheap to run with heaps of grunt.
Long gone but not forgotten...

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

1979 Chrysler Regal
Jasons car,what else but a Regal?A reliable tank,no plastic crap for this guy.Heaps of power,nice whitewall tyres,stacks of chrome to polish.Dual fuel,heaps of room to haul his mates around.

Rest in peace last seen at Chryslers by the bay at Geelong in March 2013 in pieces being sold off for parts by Abdulla the Butcher.

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Our 4.7 litre V8 luxury 4wd running on LPG.
Tough and reliable.
Long gone after being bashed copping a hiding at Fraser Island Qld 2011.

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Ride Article

VC Valiant
slant six,2 barrel,extractors.
Sold in 2011 living up at Shepparton in retirement.

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

2011 Jeep Cherokee Limited
Nice ride,very capable out country.dual fuel,

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