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MorganGT's early Val collection

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Webpage Created 30/04/05
Webpage Updated 15/07/06
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Name MorganThomas
Location Melbourne (VIC)
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Our Mopar collection consists of early model Vals. First to arrive was an AP5 sedan that was to be the 'project' car. Next addition was an AP5 Regal to be used as a 'parts' car, donating its auto trans to the project car.
Along the way we were lucky enough to find a cheap auto SV-1 with a dead slant motor - a quick motor transplant from one of the AP5s and it was back on the road as my daily driver. Since we now had one auto Val on the road, the plan changed to rebuilding the AP5 as a 4 speed manual. A chance find of a cheap rebuildable VC ute on eBay (an early Val ute is what I really wanted in the first place!) means the new project car will be an AP5 ute, with the dash, front panels and other AP5 parts grafted onto the VC ute shell.

Ride Articles

AP5 'project' car
This car has a special place in my heart - it was my first Mopar! I still have it, but it's stripped to a rolling shell and sitting in my driveway. It was a one-owner car when I bought it, and has an immaculate interior - the back seat looks so perfect you could almost believe nobody had ever sat on it!

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AP5 Regal 'parts' car
This car was originally bought (although in the end I ended up getting it for free!) to donate its auto transmission and pushbutton shifter assembly to the 'project' AP5. Now that I am rebuilding an auto VC ute into a manual AP5 ute it will be donating several parts to that project, such as its steering column (the VC and the other manual AP5 have column shifts), some panels and trims and possibly the split bench/bucket style front seats.

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SV-1 'RoadToad'
We picked this up cheaply since the slant motor had finally called it quits after more than 40 years of service. It still (just) ran though - and I suspect that with a quick hone and new rings it would probably do another 40 years! These slants just refuse to die!
I transplanted the slant out of the AP5 'project 'car, since it was just sitting there doing nothing. Apart from the 'new' motor all it needed was a good polish, new upper front balljoints and front brake lines and a repair to some sprung stitching on the front seat. Since then it has done sterling service as a stylish cruiser, occasional traffic light bruiser and a reliable daily driver.
Oddly enough, we nicknamed it the RoadToad as soon as we saw it due to the colour, but found out later that this was a common nickname in the US when they were new.
The flame job is a recent addition - it was the work of a couple of hours one afternoon (to be ready for Chryslers On The Murray 2005, but unfortunately we never got the chance to go up to Albury that year). When I repair a couple of small rust spots, the car will get a respray in the current (original) colour and reflamed with a more elaborate design.

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VC/AP5 ute
I picked this up cheaply on eBay in early 2005. I always wanted an AP6 ute, although I prefer the AP5 front. Unfortunately Chrysler Australia never made an AP5 ute, although I intend to rectify that omission by converting the ute from VC spec to AP5 spec to create a 'phantom' AP5 ute using a suitable combination of front panels, trim and dash from my two AP5s, then adding a few further customising touches. Current driveline plans call for a blowthrough carby turbo slant motor, pushbutton Torqueflite from the AP5 Regal parts car, and Centura diff. It will be painted a dark suede purple and signwritten and badged as the "Plymouth TurboJet", my concept of the sort of thing Chrysler might have built in the '60s had they gone the turbo route, like Oldsmobile with the Cutlass Jetfire, or Chevrolet with the Corvair Monza Spyder.

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