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Reader's Rides ARCHIVE

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Ride Articles
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VC Sedan
It is my Father's (Dennis) car, a VC Regal 273. It was taken at Surfers Paradise about 1971 or 72.
He can't remember details about the engine apart from the fact that it was a 273 and pretty wild
for it's time. The car ran low 15's on retreaded slicks. You can see where I got the bug.
You could say I've been into Valiants since I was two years old.

Originally posted by 'Dean' on 2002-05-28.

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72 VH Charger
This is my base model 72 Charger. Previous owner gave it an upgrade to a 245, front disc brakes and a full panel and paint. Now I'm using it as the daily driver and loving it. However I'm thinking I must be the only person around crazy enough to put roof racks and salty windsurfing gear on top of a classic Val. But damn it looks good pulling up to the beach.

Originally posted by 'Azza' on 2004-07-27.

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65 dodge phoenix
hi now ppl r goin 2 think,how many mopars has this guy owned.well a few in my younger days.this 2 me is the best model d.p. ever brought out.this one was a rebuild project,it took just over 2 yrs.bare metal respray into bmw burgundy met by myself.the electrics completely replaced by a long time mate.and help along the way from my father and my mother did the grey n black vynil tuck n roll style interior.i bought it in 1989.used it as my wedding car.and the car like my marriage is sadly gone.parted out in 1999 after sitting idle for 4 yrs in time 2 rebuild state.i kick myself every day for letting this beauty go..was la 318 auto & 8-3/4

Originally posted by 'Tez' on 2004-07-28.

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A friend told me about this one. Som1 had mentioned to him that it might be for sale then he told me. it happened to be his dads best mate. 265, 4speed, LSD

Originally posted by 'MAT' on 2004-08-03.

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My CL Regal SE
My new pride and joy. So far I think it's the only SE in town. So at the moment I'm a one off :)

Originally posted by 'John' on 2004-08-08.

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here it is... not much has happen to it from when i first got it... tis lowered, pacemaker extractors an twin 2.5inch exhaust... ohh an got to have the godfather air horns...

Originally posted by 'damians VIP' on 2004-08-15.

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CL Charger Drifter
Built on the last day charger rolled down the production line - June 13 1978.
The original drifter stripes peeled of yearys ago.
Fitted with 265 4 speed.
This car is almost 100% as new, a credit to the prior owners who spared no expense in keeping it well maintained.

Originally posted by 'George' on 2004-08-22.

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VG Hardtop 318, 4 Speed
This is my VG hardtop that I have owned for about 10 years. The car runs a modified 318 V8 with 4 speed and centura diff. I have done lots of work on the mechanical side but have never got around to fixing up the body which is needs a lot of work. Pic was taken on the WA Charger Club Collie race day which was the most fun I have ever had in the Val.

Originally posted by 'HardVG' on 2004-09-03.

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Ap6 318
The body is all original,pulled out the slant and dropped in a mild 318,LSD and late model brakes and stud pattern

Originally posted by 'Denis' on 2004-09-13.

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70 Satt/GTX conv. clone
mild 383,727,8 3/4. p/s,p/top
DBR p/discs,SS Cragars 8.5s
& t-lights..yeeha

Originally posted by 'Dave' on 2004-09-14.

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Page 11 of 24
Showing results 101 - 110 out of 236 total results.

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