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Reader's Rides ARCHIVE

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Ride Articles
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1971 VH Charger
245 Auto
2 barrel Carter Carby
Extractors - Twin system
New Interior
Momo Steering Wheel
Fitted Front anti Sway bar

Build No 258

Drives Brilliant, good mixture
of performance and fuel economy.

Mechanically A1

Originally posted by 'Tim' on 2004-09-15.

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vj valiant charger
hey this is my vj charger its not much to look at at the moment but its gonna be bright yellow with dragway billets (i hope) nice and low and maybe a bad boy engine later it sports a hemi 265 with a twin 2 inch and extractors and a 600 vac sec carby

Originally posted by 'jason' on 2002-05-27.

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C x C Sedan ( Modified )
I bought this car 15 years ago and have been a fan of Mopar ever since. I bought it standard
from a car yard and began work on it while I was completing my mechanical apprentiship.
It has taken 15 years to reach a stage where I'm really happy with its performace and drivability.

Apart from the respray about 5 years ago I have completed every piece of work myself.
My 360 Chrylser By Chrysler is supercharged with ported 'J' series heads, gear drive and forged
pistons and full stud kit. The transmission is a 727 troqueflite with a 3,000 stall converter and full
competition shift kit. The diff is a Dana 60 with 3.54 gears and a suregrip LSD.

The car is very streetable and I drive it every chance I get! Last blast down the drag strip I
ran a 12.10 after driving the car 250 km to the strip and then back home again

Originally posted by 'Elk' on 2002-05-28.

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vf val
almost there

Originally posted by 'ryan' on 2004-09-16.

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VG coupe on 18
Its getting there... but still has along way to come.

Originally posted by 'Blake' on 2004-09-28.

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This is my daily driver. Race car coming soon.

Originally posted by 'Jules' on 2004-10-02.

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1972 E55 SE 770
I have a E55 SE 770 Charger. Needs a bit of work - surprising but overall nice and straight.

Originally posted by 'Greg' on 2004-10-06.

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1969 VF Regal
2.25" exhaust, extractors, 14x6 hotwires.

No major mods, good original cond, bought a few months ago for $1200 from a farm shed in Benalla.

Originally posted by 'James' on 2004-10-11.

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vg voupe
i recently bought this rust free beuty for $2,000 with rego it has a 318 edelbrock manifold and new quadrajet and the paint is still good and has 770 badges and dash interior is black and in very good condition.. i also got a 318 fireball thrown in an plan on rebuilding that and maybe respray it and do a full resto

Originally posted by 'Eric' on 2004-10-20.

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2003 PT Cruiser
2003 Inferno Red Chrysler Classic Edition PT Cruiser.
When I first heard about the introduction of these cars to Australia I knew I had to have one.
After many visits to my local dealer in Holland Park, including one at 11.00pm where I sat and stared at the a red one in the car yard till the lights went out,the decision to own this retro concept car was finally made. Monday morning came and I was talking to the sales man about that very car.
The number plate was an easy one, it just came to me and I was over the moon when I found that it was still available to purchase from PPQ and have had many comments, finger pointing and smiles towards my imagination.
I have added things to her like AMG 16x7 chrome mags, tinted windows, 2 1/2 inch Lukey Performance exhaust and a cold air induction pod, fog light kit and chrome grill overlay.
I have done a few minor interior modifications but nothing to rave about, just wanting her to look different from the rest.
My most favourite moments would have to be when I drove around Bathurst in the Parade Lap for the 24 Hour in October last year and when I won the Best PT Cruiser Trophy at Chryslers Cruizin Rockhampton in April 2004. I was so suprised and had no idea I was in the running.
She is a much loved car and I hate the thought of parting with her, but if I had to, I would definately be buying another Chrysler.

Originally posted by 'Rachel ' on 2004-11-04.

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Page 12 of 24
Showing results 111 - 120 out of 236 total results.

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