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Ride Articles
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770 vg sedan
tuff 360 owned for past 18 years iam second owner only has 105000 miles on clock since new and still has same number plates from new

Originally posted by 'drew' on 2004-11-05.

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66 VC
This is my 66 VC Val 225 auto, purchased about 6 months ago in pretty good original condition. Has now been lowered 2", had a Stereo installed (but hidden away for that original look) added extractors, a 3 core radiator & peeper mirrors. Have a set of triple 2" SU's waiting to be installed & will be receiving a brake upgrade shortly.

Originally posted by 'Marc' on 2004-11-08.

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VF Coupe
Bought 2 years ago in original condition, the coupe was to be a long term project until the wife decided to leave her job and the comany car she had. The rush to get the car has meant that there are still a lot of things to finish off. Most noticably a final rub back and buff.

Presently it's only running a 225 slant and auto (no use modifying as I plan to fit a small block v8 in the near future),lowered suspension, 18in wheels,Pioneer/Alpine/ Pheonix Gold stereo, smoothed cowl, smoothed front bumper (rear to be finished shortly), tribal/flame artwork on body and the hood lining.

Originally posted by 'Jamie Williamson' on 2004-11-11.

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Various rides
Here is a picture of my current ride, a previous one owner VF Coupe. Along
with a couple of my previous favourite rides, VH sedan and VC wagon. I
always wonder what happend to them, as I don't have them any if you happen to see one of them, drop me a message.

Originally posted by 'Fieldy' on 2002-05-28.

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Well, this what it looks like at the moment! It's driven daily, and until the truck is done, it's just going to get regular maintenence, then a respray and new interior.
Will mod the engine a little, but it's always going to be a daily driver, so nothing silly.
265 with twin 2" exhausts.

Originally posted by 'typhoon' on 2004-11-13.

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78 CL Regal Chrysler
78 CL Regal Chrysler.
Auto floor shift, 265 engine, silver duco, blue interior in very good condition (no rips), no cracks on crash pad, car is in very good original condition, will impress buyer.
For more details contact me on 0417 731 757 or 9363 0587.

Originally posted by 'Ayhan' on 2004-12-01.

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Almost finished vc warm 360,centura diff and the 904 has a bit of work,runs great just need some nice wheels to finish it off,I have had the car for about 9 years and decided it was due for an upgrade!!! can't wait to have it back on the road!!.Im from Morayfield in Queensland so if you see the car around say Hi!!

Originally posted by 'Damien' on 2004-12-11.

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VG val ute
Ok here is my vg ute that i paid $1500 for, painted in mat black,changed whole drive-line/k-frame from 225 slant to 318,pro stars on front/stocky`s on back

Originally posted by 'Mark' on 2004-12-26.

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Valiant VF 770 V8
A fully original rare model of Valiant VF regal 770 1969 with a 318 V8 engine. original radio, original power steering, lockable gear box T bar. over hauled 2 years ago. This car is just stunning and in perfect condition.

Price : 11800$ neg

Contact : 02 9977 1870

Originally posted by 'frank' on 2004-12-30.

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VF hardtop
1969 VF, had a worked 265/BW35, but it blew up, so its now a 318/904, dual 2" 4bbl holley and 3.23 diff, and otherwise stock. it's lowered a lil soon to be lowered a lil more.. future mods include better hubcaps and thiker whitewalls. interior has been retrimmed and i've tried to keep it all old fashioned looking!

Originally posted by 'Andrew' on 2005-01-01.

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Page 13 of 24
Showing results 121 - 130 out of 236 total results.

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