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Reader's Rides ARCHIVE

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Ride Articles
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ve 68 vip sedan
What can I say,I love it.

Originally posted by 'roy' on 2002-10-17.

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2 door mexicana
nice 2 door @ brisbane chrysler expo

Originally posted by '????' on 2002-10-22.

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1965 Barracuda
Found this little Mopar beastie advertised very cheap here in Perth, and just had to have it.

Even though it requires a full restoration, it was still picked up for a bargin. The car shares a ton of parts with Aussie Valiants which makes things easy.

The Barracuda has a stock 273 with floor shifted auto. It appears that no modifications have been made to the car, but that won't last for long ;)

For more details and pictures check out my web site:

Originally posted by 'Sheridan (AussieCuda)' on 2002-10-29.

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VE Regal V8 Sedan
This is my 1967 VE Valiant Regal V8. It started off as a stock original 273, Black Interior,
62 000 original miles, genuine car. It is still the same except for now it has a high performance
360. The engine has been fully balanced, with prepped rods, crane cam, hyperteuctic pistons,
ARP rod bolts, cleaned and ported heads, stainless valves, adjustable rockers, running on
premium unleaded with 10.7:1 compression. It also has a full manual 904 with a 3000 stall
convertor and B&M Quiksilver ratchet shifter. I have owned the car now for 3 years performing
all the modifications by myself with the help of friends. I have not seen too many VE's
done up but i love the shape and will always own the car.

Originally posted by 'Brendan' on 2002-05-28.

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im a 17year old valiant lover, the first eva car i bought was a VF regal with a 245 hemi..i eventually found out this car had came out of the factory with the Hemi and was used as a experimental car. modifications i have done is extractors with 2inch twin system, cain 4brrl intake n 390 4brrl holley, and lowered.

i have recently bought a very original, immaculate VF VIP. it features all the luxurys and the 318 fireball. no mods have been done yet, but have big plans.

Originally posted by 'Damo' on 2002-11-05.

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1970 VG Sedan
This car has been in the family for 32 years, recently finished a full resto. It has a CM block based 265 that makes 178 kW, a Toyota Supra Turbo gear box, revised suspension with front and rear sway bars, gas shocks etc. and the diff has been uprated to 4 pinion LSD with 3.08 gears. It has period Recaro seats and a clean original interior with new carpets etc. Tunes are produced by a 1988 vintage Pioneer 160 W twin amp sound system that drives four BP speakers. Wheels are 1972 vintage Aunga five slots. It's fun to drive and no powder puff like the new generation cars of today.

Originally posted by 'Hugh' on 2002-11-15.

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1966 dodge phoenix & 1980 Chrysler Scorpion
here are my cars :) I'm afraid they are not as clean as the rest of you guys and gals. The Phoenix is my daily driver and I have plans to restore it. It has a 318 and is fairly standard(some nog cut a big hole in the dash for a stereo). The poor Phoenix has a bit of rust and needs a good overall tidy up as it has been used to tow and drive every day.
The scorpion is my race car...race seat...cage..harness..2.6 engine (standard) 5 speed goes very well and wins classes often! Mistake number one is to own a black race car!

Originally posted by 'Diana (aka-rallygirl)' on 2002-11-17.

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Mostly original 1974 E48 6pack Charger. Engine was rebuilt in E49 tune a few years ago and apart from the stereo is all original. Right now its waiting for the funds for further work.

Originally posted by 'James' on 2002-11-21.

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VG Regal Hardtop
this is the first and only car i have ever owned, apart from other coupes that i have. this special one has been in the family since my old man drove it out of the car yard in 1970. the car is completely stock (245)apart from the number plates. the paint was cleaned up a little, it isnt driven much, but when it is, this car gets some serious looks and admiration. i think she is a beauty. i love it. I hope you enjoy these photos. if you would like anymore pics please email me.

Originally posted by 'George Tatsis' on 2002-11-25.

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VJ Charger and AP6 Safari
VJ Charger - 265 on straight gas,245 head set up for gas, extractors,4 speed, tyres are 245/60 on front and 265/60 on back.
AP6 Safari Wagon (Canadian Body) - 225 with three on a tree.
Slowly doing both up

Originally posted by 'Scott Mcnally' on 2002-12-03.

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Showing results 201 - 210 out of 236 total results.

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