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Reader's Rides ARCHIVE

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Ride Articles
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70 Dodge Coronet R/T
Numbers matching 1970 Dodge (Go Mango) Coronet R/T 440 (Muscle Motors balanced rotating assembly with Ross pistons, Muscle Motors Street Killer Heads, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, Speed Demon 850 carb)
727 Trans (B&M Street/Strip shift kit with Coan Street convertor). 8 3/4 Sure Grip with 3.23 gears.
Weld Pro-Stars

Have all orignal parts including rotating assembly heads, intake, carb, distributor and correct 70 air cleaner to one day put back to original, but for now I like the power!

Originally posted by 'John' on 2003-02-01.

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VG Pacer 'E34'
This car is the 'ex Jim Richards' car, the paint job is 10 years old. Since I've had it, the car has undergone a total mechanical restoration: engine, gearbox, diff, brakes and suspension. I've added the roll cage and set the car up for tarmac rallies in a GroupN type spec.
I hope to tune the engine a little more from the enhanced e34 rebuild (currently 200hp at rear wheels)...soild cam more head porting

Originally posted by 'Michael' on 2003-02-04.

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Ride Article

She not much - but she mine!
265, BW(barely working)35, CL front susp riding on bumpstops, 4 tone paint (including greened out bonnet and artistic/stylistic paint peel patches thru to Thar She Blue), Swiss style exhaust (i.e. holes), fibreglass plenums (installed em meself!), rare D99 disco option (oil light flashes at idle) and automatic 5500RPM smokescreen. But bejesus has she embarassed some tidy Ford and Holden 6s!
Drive it like you stole it.
(Pacer HT shell in body shop)

Originally posted by 'JohnnyMac' on 2003-02-10.

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Hemi OrangeBig Tank
# 75 Big Tank R/T.Restored 10 years ago.purchased 2 years ago.Retrimed seats very very little rust in this car it's a beauty.Runs most original R/T stuff with near new engine, 3 speed but soon to be replaced with 4 speed purchased some moths ago.

Originally posted by 'Kyren Welsh' on 2003-02-14.

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I have owned this car since 1985, I restored it in 1987 and entered many shows.The car is painted in 2 pac Glasurit and has simmonds B45's rims on it.

Originally posted by 'Chris a.k.a. RTSIXPACK' on 2003-03-07.

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Ride Article

1966 Barracuda
1966 Barracuda, 170 cid slant six. Forged pistons, 222* dur. 434 lift cam,
head cut .090, 340 valve springs, deep oil pan & windage tray. factory 1bbl
intake manifold modified for a holly 500cfm 2bbl carb and a 130 horsepower
nitrous fogger system. Dual outlet headers, MSD 6 ignition with a stock mopar
electronic dizzy. Trans is a 904 TF with a 8 inch converter and manual valve
body. Rear is 7 1/4 with a 3.91 sure grip. The car is totally streetable, and
has run a best of 8.53 in the 1/8 mile and 13.88 at 95.6 in the 1/4 mile.
Weighs 3100 lbs with driver.

Originally posted by 'Charlie' on 2002-05-28.

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CL Charger
This my CL Charger, I've had it for twenty years, these are current photo's but it's been in this form for a few years, I'm about ready to step back into a few more mods, I'll post pics when it's done. Cheers Byron.

Originally posted by 'byron' on 2003-03-14.

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VH Pacer
1971 VH Valiant Pacer
245 / 3spd
265 / 3spd will go in down the track
Standard Pacer Rims
Currently preparing body for final coats of Hemi Orange (in my spare time!)

Originally posted by 'keegs' on 2003-03-21.

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AP5 sedan
This is how she looked when we brought her home, and how she will probably look when completed. Mechanical plans are for a worked slant with a handbuilt twin 2-BBL long-runner manifold (Hyper-Pak style), pushbutton auto, Centura diff and late model front discs. Body mods will include the modified rear wheelarches, front bumperettes, custom grille and a few other ideas I am playing with.

Originally posted by 'Morgan (a.k.a. MorganGT)' on 2003-04-02.

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here is the VIP. now has been lowered 21/2 inch,has pacemaker extractors an twin 2 1/2 inch with a H pipe.

has now had the engine taken out which is being rebuilt and warmed up, while the car has been sent away to be restored...hope to acheive low 13s to high 12s.

Originally posted by 'damo' on 2003-04-03.

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Showing results 221 - 230 out of 236 total results.

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