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Reader's Rides ARCHIVE

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Ride Articles
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CJ chrysler 440
Here she is the beast but have since fitted bigger tyres and currently fitting a rack a pinion kit with twin chassis sleves and a set of better heads.And by the beast i dont mean me hahaha and also there is also the two most improtant things in my life my girls

Originally posted by 'jason douglas' on 2004-03-18.

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VG Pacer
265 + .040", S block, ceramic coated pistons / headers. YT Rocker, HE Sump, Cain Inlet, 2 1/4" Stainless mandrel bent exhaust, elect. ign, 4 spd man, 3.23 std diff, Koni shocks, custom interior, detailed under carriage.

Originally posted by 'Eddy265' on 2004-03-22.

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1963 polara 2door
63 polara 2door 383 4 speed matching numbered with govier documents, have build sheet and fender tags, only has 4 options out of 25 available.Someone wanted a light weight street racer. Now in Illawarra area from sunny L.A.

Originally posted by 'Matt' on 2004-03-28.

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1968 Valiant VE sedan. 225 cubic inch auto. Work in progress for perfection.

Originally posted by 'Swope387' on 2004-04-05.

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VC wayfarer
Well she's running a slanty with a three on the tree!!! But she doesn't go too bad!! I've got little bits and pieces on her to make her run a wee bit better though, like a electronic ignition, top gun leads, NGK platinum spark plugs, thermo fan and perry extractors. She only has a single barrel at the moment but she will be getting either a 465 4 barrel holley or a 500 2 barrel!!

she has 17 inch boyd coddington smoothies, 2 inch drop spindles and 3inch lowering blocks. I've got a checkerplate tray, full custom interior with hip hugging bench seats and a killer sound system to make me go deaf at a young age (i'm only 19)!

She's my baby and I love valiants to death, and eveywhere I go I pull plenty of looks and I always get the old bloke at a servo tellin me... "how I used to have one of those".

Well I hope you all like her and if anyone want to chat, send us an email at!

Originally posted by 'Robbie' on 2004-04-14.

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1970 VG Valiant
1970 VG Valiant, 245 Hemi.
Interior been cleaned up! nice lookin car
hope to do her up if i dont sell her!

Originally posted by 'Phil Adams' on 2004-04-18.

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'66 Barracuda
Tidy lhd every day car /6,automay sell for right price?

Originally posted by 'John' on 2004-04-20.

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70 challenger conv.
B5 blue,slapstick,rally hood.
rally dash,SB w/4bbl,mild cam.pwr top/steer/brakes.

Originally posted by 'Dave' on 2004-04-24.

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VH 770 318 Charger (update)
Viper Silver with factory Burgindy trim.

Car runs 10:1 comp 318 with steel crank, CMOLY rods, Erson 1H cam with T/A banana grooved shafts and 273 adj. rocker gear. 850TQ, LD4B manifold, 3.5 LSD and 2300 stall.

Wheels are Daytona rims and F70 bias ply tyres front, G70 rear.

Originally posted by 'Mopar Mal' on 2004-05-24.

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VG Hardtop
It had a 265, e49 grind cam, 600 Holley, Genie extractors,
245 head with crane double springs. It ran a best of 13.9/107mph at Willowbank.
The paint was supposed to be Ford Tru Blu but was mixed wrong and turned
out the colour it is. I sold this car in 1993 and wish I hadn't every day.

Originally posted by 'Dean' on 2002-05-28.

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Page 9 of 24
Showing results 81 - 90 out of 236 total results.

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