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RV1 Valiant 2 Door Hardtop

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Webpage Created 26/12/06
Webpage Updated 27/12/06
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Username RV1Valiant (0)User has feedback score under 5
Name Andrew Wall
Location Melbourne (VIC)
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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the MoparMarket website,but have had a passion for Chrysler and Valiant for neary 40 years. I was fortunate in that from 1960 ( the year that I was born ) , until 1972 my father ( G.N.Wall-nickname Brick ) , was the Delivery Manager for Collins Motors located in Carlton in Melbourne. From 1965 until 1972 he would take me to work every Saturday morning in the AP5 Collins Motors station wagon.The earliest Valiant that I can remember when they were new was the AP6 in 1965. I shall never forget the smell of a new Valiant !

This is where and when my passion for Valiant began. My first Valiant was a VF Regal which my parents purchased for me in 1977. We still have it and drive it every day. It has done 262,000 miles and is in excellent condition.

Since my father worked for Chrysler we have aways driven Valiants and the last new car my parents purchased was in 1973 , this being a VJ Ranger. We still have this one too as well as collecting a few others such as CM Regal, AP6 Regal,S Series , two R Series project cars and one R Series hardtop.

Back in 1977 it was really un-cool to own and drive a Valiant.

Now I get waves from other Valiant drivers (some half my age) on the road as they pass by. Some of these people were not even born when the last Valiant came off the production line in 1981.

Fortunately for me my wife loves these cars too and supports and encourages my passion for Valiants.

Thanks to MoparMarket for encouraging interest in these cars.


Andrew Wall

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RV1 Valiant 2 Door Hardtop
Here are some pictures of the 1961 R Series Valiant two door hardtop which my wife and I imported from the Washington DC area in the USA in December 2004. It had been stored in a garage for 20 years and therefore had very litte rust. Fortunately this car was totally original and fitted with the standard 170 CID Slant 6. Since importation the minimal rust it had has been removed and a bare metal re-paint in black applied. Pictures attached are from before the re-paint.More pictures to come later.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to regarding the car.

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