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Rally King Rides again

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Webpage Created 22/03/06
Webpage Updated 08/03/14
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Name Terry
Location Mannum (SA)
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Always changing my collection but due to family commitments has slowed a bit but still have my CJ Chrysler. I have added to my collection over the last few years and now have an all original VC Ute, but always looking for more.

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My beautiful CJ Chrysler by.
This car has been in my family since new and as stated above it was purchased in 1974 to replace the well used AP5 and still lives today my father handed it over to me in 1990 when he decided to down grade to Ford (am I aloud to say that word here?).

My father was always very careful with the car (actually he was very anal about it) we weren't aloud to eat or drink in the car and chewing gum was not aloud within 10 yards of it.

So yes it is in remarkable condition although over the years it has had the engine reconditioned (265 Hemi) and some paintwork touched up but otherwise it is pretty mint. It now has the original hubcaps back on it and other than a change from the old am radio it is all original and has never been molested. Now while it did not have all of the options that one would like (360, Power windows and seats or even cloth seats) it's still a good example of a fine motorcar and I have grown to love the Limelight green over the years.

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Ride Article

VC Ute
I purchased this ute a few years ago and it was running on one cylinder which my friend could not believe possible (on a Holden motor).

I have since rebuilt the slant back to original specks and two packed the engine bay all back to original.

This is a great ute that is pretty much 100% rust free, a rare find.

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