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My VH Hearse and R/T replica

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Webpage Created 15/01/08
Webpage Updated 16/01/08
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Name Mick Young
Location Brisbane, Morayfield (QLD)
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G'day to all fellow Mopar enthusiasts! I have owned 7 val's (not enuff!)and have loved them all!

: My first was a '69 VF sedan, 225 tower of thirsty power! Purchased in Darwin for $1,300 back in 1992. Rust free but a little thirsty for engine oil!

:Next was a one family owned '69 VF wagon with orginal 65,000miles which looked and drove as new! Deleted radio and heater from factory! I purchased the vehicle in Queensland from a mates Grandfathers deceased estate for $1,5oo well spent dollars. I ended up fitting a later model carter/extractors but other than that was left completely stock.

: 1981 CM Regal fitted with 265 ( another incredible find as it had done 32,000 orginal km's ) Brought from a G.T. enthusiast for $3,500 in 2004. As much as I loved the Safari this beast was like driving a limo. Awesome on the fuel too. Looked fantastic in teal green and vinyl roof. I put W35 polished mags, tinted windows, updated to a decent sound system and enjoyed!

: VH Hearse 265 fitted with a CM Regal front clip ( purchased from Hobart funerals and was still in service ) I fitted extractors, custom exhaust, a recon carter, new front end and radiator repairs. Sounded fantastic and cruised the highway brillantly with the extra wheelbase. Certainly recieved its fair amount of attention everywhere we went!

: Another CM Regal, fitted with 265, lowered, extractors and in excellent condition. Found the ad in trading post for a price that made me have to go and check it out. Fella just needed some quick cash and I couldn't believe how clean and neat it was. He had fitted Ford 12 slots with 245/265's and it looked tuff with tinted windows and lowered to the ground! I changed the wheels to Indy hotwires and it looked great. Paint was spot on in orginal white with the blue interior.

: VJ Ranger fitted with a 245 and 3 speed. Purchased in 05 for another bargin price I couldn't resist! Had VK taillights fitted and it sat low and looked mean in black and Dragway mags.

: VK CHARGER which was a ground up rebuild as a VH R/T replica in hemi orange. I had joined the Queensland Chryslers Association and on a club run to a fellow members BBQ and cruise, I fell instantly in love with Lyle's new project! The Charger that was to be his personal ride, but I bent his arm enough to convince 'em it just had to be mine! After about 12months of ownership I decided it was time to replace the rebuilt stock engine with a e-49 spec six pac. Didn't the cash dissapear then! Changed the diff to a 3.55 LSD from the 2.92 and basically upgraded ignition, exhaust,cooling system etc etc. Had an amazing mechanic, Peter Roma of RPM performance at Caboolture Queensland who treated the car as if it were his own pride and joy. Nothing was a problem and on his dyno the car produced 210 at the wheels which was lovely, but of course its never enough! Drove very well and sounded tuff with gear drives. ( not everyones cup of tea! ) They really whine until about 70km's where they quite down. Never thought I'd sell my dream car but needed the money for a oversea's move.

Now I live in Thailand and miss the Charger! I saw a VF sedan in Bangkok and no-one could understand my excitment!

I get my kicks from the Mopar Market site, and still dream of owning another Charger. 340/360 V8 next time round. I joined the Queensland Chryslers association and met the best like mined people thur the club! Fantastic bunch of people.

The Queensland chrysler Expo, Mopar Sunday events are real must see events. The monthly club runs are sooo much fun but the highlight for me was the 35th anniversery of the Charger's down at Albury. Anyway, hope you enjoy the few photo's of the Hearse and R/T replica! Seeya!

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VH R/T replica
Fully rebuilt everything! Hemi 265 with E-49 spec motor ( 210 at wheels ) Triple dellorto's 4 speed box with 3.55 lsd updated brakes and finished in Hemi orange with 15inch superlite wheels.

The VH Regal Hearse was in Mercury Siver, 265 with custom exhaust and fitted with a CM Regal front clip. All the rollers, coffin stops etc still included as I brought from Hobart funerals. I fitted 12 slots with 265's on rear and a talking skull with flashing eyes and moving jaw/fingers and other interesting interior additions! My young daughter loved it and when I picked her up from school or swimming training we always found conversation!

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