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72' vh charger

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Webpage Created 30/12/07
Webpage Updated 20/11/08
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Username chargers_rock (1)User has feedback score under 5
Name tom
Location bendigo (VIC)
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hello every one. my name is Tom, im 15 years old. heres my first car. a 72' vh charger. she's a base model, original 215 engine, drums all round, column manual and nil options. it doesnt even have a radio

it was built on the 13th of march, 1972 and sold new from 'century motors' in sydney. i picked her up from 'the oaks', about 70 km from sydney, so she hasnt traveled too far in her life

it just been resprayed in the original 'spring gold metallic' paint about 2-3 months ago.

other than that, she hasnt really been touched. the interior is all original and in ok condition. The dash has a few cracks but the seats aren't ripped, just a bit worn. the only adition to the interior is new carpet. it'll need a new front bumper eventually as the original one is bent, cracked and rusted, but its good enough for now

it still has a rego sticker on it from 1982, so i presume it hasnt been on the road for 25 years. I guess thats why the interior is in such good condition.

i dont know too much about its history, unfortunately it didnt come with any of the original books. the previous owner has had her for 3 years, he was going to do her up in RT stripes and turn her into a race car, but decided to sell instead and its been stored away that whole time. all he know is that the guy before him had it stored too.

the 215 still runs beautifully. but the car it needs a few things soughted out for a roadworthy. some of the electricals dont work and the brakes will need re-doing.

i plan to leave it like this. maybe add a radio. but im leaving the hub caps and the column change. iv never driven one before, so i'll see how it performs. maybe a 2 barrel carby will help it out a bit for daily driving
im really hopeing to have it ready for the murray in 2008. but unfortunately it need a bit of money spent first.

update 07/01/08:
well. been cleaning her up. bit of a service, just the basics. she's stoped blowing smoke after i changed the oil, i suspect its been in there since it was last registered. for the roadworthy, it will need fixed.

windscreen wipers

nothing too major. its likely i'll just get a permit to take her to the murray. then once i have the money, will get a full rego, hopefully near the end of this year.


havent been on for a while. got a bit done since but not in too much of a hurry. The master cylinder has been resleeved and looks great. iv got a box full of brake shoes and wheel cylinders that im yet to install. a mate whos an electrician has been around a couple of times to help me out with the electricals and between us wev got the heater/demister working, the windscreen wipers and washer bottle.

we had a bit more trouble with the blinkers though. just last night i got the front two working, now just need to do the back ones.

so not too far to get it on the road. im leaving it as it is now, but sometime next year she will get a 350 holley, extractors and a stereo. im also thinking some cragar ss type wheels, but will keep the hubcaps so i can switch when i want.
thats about it though, just gotta cruise and enjoy.

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