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Classic not Plastic !

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Webpage Created 28/04/05
Webpage Updated 30/04/05
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Name LEN
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My first ever accident in a car was in a mates VE when we came around a corner sideways in the wet,he just over steered a little and ended up with the nose of car kissing a guiderail pretty hard.We got out of the car and looked at the rail and quite a nasty drop too i might add and noticed the rail pushed out about 8"(inches),then backed the car off the rail and you could hardly see a dent,only a few scratches and our white faces!! From that moment on i knew if there was a car on the road that I wanted to drive ..MOPARS were it!!
I then waited a few years before i finally realised my dream and bought myself a R SERIES..I fell in love with this car the very first moment (millisecond) i saw her! The guy i purchased her from told me that she had a racing history.I was so excited looking over the car that the details went in one ear and out the other..I will track him down shortly and find out all the good oil about her career.She had custom fitted extractors and triple SU's and a pacer box.(not sure of what model mopar the box came off) but am of the belief that she raced in the late 60's early 70's.
She has phenomenal pulling power in first and will get to 50mph pretty quick..2nd and 3rd don't have a lot of legs but she does handle a dream.
I also recently purchased a VK ranger sedan that had a tired 245 gas runner in it.I found a CM block (D341) and had a performance crew here on the sunshine coast rebuild her..They put a custom cam :
Intake @ .050 224' Exhaust @ .050 226'
Intake valve lift .4886" Exhuast valve lift .4856"
2400 stally.redline 4bbrl inlet manifold, 4brrl 390 holley, and a VJ diff fitted with 3.45 gears for her rear..Its a shame juice is as ridiculosly priced as it is as she like to drink! (5.5k's per litre). I finally had to bite the bullet and put her back on gas,as she is my daily driver..
I also have two project cars that i will attack if finances permit in the future (AP6, S Series.) But the R Series is currently undergoing restoration and she takes precedence over the other two babe's..
The coolest thing about be'n in the MOPAR family is just that..IT'S A FAMILY..and i luv giving the big V out the window to all my brothers and sisters out there..I'm sure it just amazes other so called car family's out there who don't have as close as comradery as us !!

Ride Articles

3 of the 4..
VK daily driver, R Series..gr8 curves and assetts..and two in cahootz!!

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