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VC Regal

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Webpage Created 11/10/09
Webpage Updated 11/10/09
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Name Marc
Location Glenroy (VIC)
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After looking round for a clean sunday cruiser, I ended up buying a VC Regal that was more of a project. Not to worry. The styling of the VC is what drew me to valiants. I've always been into cars and being a younger fella, this is going to be a real learning curve. Having plenty of fun so far. She's Bahama Blue with Slant 6 and TF904 auto. The interior was in quite good nik, but the body needs some work and respray. So far I've made some small mods like venetian blind, some chrome under the bonnet, tightening up the brakes, new boot carpet, removed the tow bar, and fixed the heater. Plans include front discs with dual master cyl, new rear drums, lower 2", rust removal, respray in the original colour, sun visor, whitewalls, and a few other old school touches. At the moment I'm gathering parts so that I can take it off the road, and do it all at once. Can't wait.

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