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Webpage Created 30/05/05
Webpage Updated 18/04/09
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Name Todd
Location Perth (WA)
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Bought the 1970 340 Swinger clone off Derek Rowen from Rye in Victoria in 1995. I put in a rebuilt 360 (outta my CJ CxC), new 727, 2500 histall, Pro rachet shifter, 8 3/4 3.55 LSD, twin exhaust and Toyota 4-spot calipers on front, koni shocks all round, Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce bucket seats, new carpet and a few other bit n bobs. Did 13.5 at Kwinana.

AB Performance Engines finished building something with a bit more poke. Just run 13.0. Going to do a few mods to air intake and carby ....should see around 12.8 sec 1/4.

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1970 Dodge Dart Swinger
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1973 CxC "Super B52"
June 2006 will mark the 10th anniversary that I have owned this car. It has never driven in that ten years and remained a shell for most of it life at my house.

Then, I had a vision. The E57 (Limelight Yellow) driving once again. Restoration work is well under way. Having stripped the car to a shell many years back, it was off to Bruce's (A Mopar nutter) for all the necessary rust/panel work. He is an enthusiast and very skilled tradesman and owns a couple or five mopars. He also has a VJ hardtop in Limelight with white roof. Veeery nice with steeeroker 417 ci SB.

After being soda blasted by Western Soda Blasters, Scott Morely from Magnum Restorations found a bit more rust and dings to fix up. He also did a great job on the rear tubs and a bonnet scoop. Final paint came up a treat.

Time to get cracking on putting it back on the road. A 426 small block stroker from Hughes engines is going into the beast. Still not sure of the induction side but a 727 and suregrip will go in the rear.

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1971 Valiant Dart
Okay last of my mopar additions was in 2005 when I purchased a soon to be crushed 1971 4dr Valaint Dart, which was made in South Africa. Someone has migrated to Australia and brought the old Val aswell. As I have a 2dr I thought the parts would come in handy, however like most mopar people you tend to get attached to their indiviuality and I've decided to keep it and turn it into a project car some time down the track.

It has a /6 with 350 Holley and 904. I have a 360/904/8.75 ready to go in but would like to go manual. We'll see how we go (read missus!!!).

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300C SRT8
2007 300C SRT8 bought August 2008

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