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deadkelly baby

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Webpage Created 07/01/09
Webpage Updated 07/01/09
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Username deadkelly (0)User has feedback score under 5
Name deadkelly
Location brisbane (QLD)
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g'day all i am deadkelly & i got hooked on valiants as a teenager . after hearing storys about my mates mates 318 & 265 . when i was 16 i seen a crappy centura for $300 . i bought it and on my first drive did a jump over a small hill at 180 kph , all 4 wheels off the ground that was it chrysler for life . after taking all my friends for jumps & painting single dark black marks around the town everyone new of chryslers . to this day there has been 5 centuras in my group of friends . i never lost a race in my first one whooping up ford & holden V8s . i got into dirt bikes & guns for the next 11 years . then one day i went to a chrysler swap meet to buy a sticker & left with a vf valiant ute with 318 . although it sounded like a V8 my centura would have whoopped it . i could not have lived with myself if a V6 dunnydoor ever gave me a bloody nose so out came the 318 in goes the 383 b motor . well now its my life & when i was 12 i made a promise to my self that i am never gonna grow up so here i am hahaha cya's around.

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