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78 sports pac ute

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Webpage Created 09/06/08
Webpage Updated 19/10/17
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Name Dennis Pukallus
Location Eagleby (QLD)
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Sports Pac Progress
After months of rebuilding the body and putting money into new parts we fitted an old Runner 245 so it could be moved around. A new clutch capable of 400hp was fitted and a set of extractors and holley 465 on a customised steel intake adapted to fit the 4 barrell. At first there was no smoke from the exhaust but as soon as an full exhaust was added to the extractors it stated smoking a fair bit. I pulled off the head to find the stem seals rock hard so a new vrs kit was put in and it was pretty clean. There was a little bit of a lip in the bore but we decided to go with it. New tyres were sourced to fit the 8" jelly beans 245 60 14 at about $200 each. The car made rego but started to blow smoke under heavy acceleration. The old girl was as fast as my 3.5 Verada to 110 getting on the freeway just a little smokey at the top end but pulled as good as any I can remember.
A couple of months later number one son brings it complaining its blowing water out the overflow and has made a huge mess under the bonnett. A compression showed it was all good but as it warmed up it pressurized the radiator so it was a rip out job. The result was a blown head gasket at No.6 pot into the water jacket. Not sure if it was the cheap head gasket I put on or that my tension wrench isn't working as well any more combined with number one smoking it up in a U turn and revving the guts out of it.
So the 245 now sits in the shed and so far we have fitted an old 318 with new ported heads to it after a big learning curve on the difference between a 6 and 8 and what has to be changed to make it work. Unfortunately we have the same problem worn engine blows smoke when you flog it but really goes well very crisp with great throttle response using the same 465.
Next trick is to save some money and get the other 318 block I have rebored and fit up the steel crank and new pistons then transfer the heads extractors and eidelbrock onto the new one. The heads had been set up for this block with double valve springs and stainless valves with hardened seats and ported and polished. We were going to use this block but testing showed a wave in one bore and scratch marks from a broken ring so we decided to throw all the new stuff on the old block to see if it would be ok but we lost the bet.
The upside is it will be an easy change over. 2016 Now registered and running a 750 dominator demon with no isses apart from first gear being unusable due to wheel spin and the old/new 300hp button clutch starting to let go.
2017 update 500hp Ceramic button clutch and new flywheel fitted with RT gearbox from charger project and 9' disk brake diff rebuilt with 3.5 gears. That fixed the speedo with the 18" Rotas and matched a late model Golf R to naughty speed.
Charger project below, full floor replaced and boot floor. Was a RT replica, just painted and slowly putting it back together, waiting on rubber kit.

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