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1971 Vh Charger resto

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Webpage Created 20/12/08
Webpage Updated 22/12/08
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Name Brendan
Location Rockhampton CQ (QLD)
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I work for Queensland Rail in Rocky CQ. My job takes me 'trackside' anywhere from Gladstone to Emerald and now and then north to Moranbah. Anyway I saw an old Vh Charger in a paddock near a Bus in the middle of no where, Edungalba. Had a look and it was pretty much only good for parts i got in touch with the owner and found out there was another Vh on the property.

I had a look and freaked out 'cause it was straight as and had bugger all rust. Got to talking and found out it had been parked up 8 years ago cause it was over heating. My old man and I parted with with $700 and she was ours. Now no one believes me when i tell them this but, when we got the Charger home i put a near flat battery out of my XR6t and all the electrics worked.

Heres the part I have trouble convincing people I looked at the old man and said "wouldn't it be wild if it kicked over". We laughed and I thought stuff it, so we grabbed the 4 stroke mower fuel poured a bit down the throat of the carb and after 5 very laboured key turns the 265 spat and ran super rough as for bout 10 sec. I know if you are reading this you're thinking 'bullshit this guys a wanker' and I probably would too if someone told me that, but I shit you not it did happen and I wish I had have taped it.


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'71 Vh Xl Charger
Anyway to date the Charger has been stripped completely and is being preped for painting, We are thinking of using a Mazda CX-9 Colour Radiant Ebony looks black in the shade but in the sun is super dark burgundy. As things happen I'll load up new pix and info.

We don't really have a build date but my aim is to have the Charger on the road before my mate has his VC on the road and if anyone on here knows my mate Josh and the mamoth VC build, they'll know I should be right. Hahahahaha just havin' a dig jishwa, Joshs car was meant to be one of the cars in my wedding and I have been married for nearly 4 years now and the VC is still 'almost' finished. Seriously can't wait for both cars to be finished 'cause the roads of Queensland need more Mopars on it.

These photos were taken the day I found the Charger. My favourite is the one of the engine bay with all the grass growing up hahahaha. The Mrs had to steer the car when we pushed it off the trailer she spun out pretty hard when I showed her what was living in the boot.

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