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CL Regal SE

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Webpage Created 23/10/05
Webpage Updated 08/12/08
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Name Ben Neill
Location Gold Coast (QLD)
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245 hemi, all the power options and air con. Currently in for a complete colour change and rebuild!

Ride Articles

in primer
body is in primer finally - just a few more panels to go!

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Chemotherapy for the old girl
a multitude of rust repairs and prepping for respray. Luckily there wasn't a massive amount of rust and no nasty suprises. The body is now in primer and just waiting on doors and a few final panels before the new colour!

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Oh dear.... oh dearie dearie me....
well, I set off for a trip up the sunshine coast with my girlfriend. I check all the relevant fluids, power steering, oil, water, so on so forth. get to nudgee and decide I'm feeling a bit tired, and stop for a bite to eat and a coffee. as I take off from the servo, I notice the steering has got rather.... funny... started after I checked the tyres and topped up everything, now it's feeling downright nasty! in fact, staying in my own lane, let alone the road seems to be a rather hard job!
so I pull over, limp back to the servo, and get a tow back home. I figure the power steering box has blown a valve as I can't see much else wrong. So I look under the car and spot the pitman arm.... looks okay.... well apart from the nut being half undone.... SHIT.... pull the nut off, and then pulled the pitman arm off with my FINGERS. Oh dear, this is NOT right.
This would have to be the first instance of a pitman arm coming off a valiant without a gas axe, a rather large hammer and a team of world champion tug-o-war competitors.
well that was scary. I spent the next 2 days replacing everything I could on the front end.... do you blame me?

car as bought when new
I recently recieved a call from the original owner of my val and even had some pics of it! Thanks again Bruce!

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she's Registered!
finally, roadworthy and plates.... good to be driving a real mopar again!

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almost there!
Got the majorty of work done for roadworthy. engine hassles were due to some idjit putting (what we think) was a commodore rotor button in the distributor - suprise it was running at all! Replaced all the plugs and leads, new dizzy cap, started converting the lil bits of rust, fisholined the insides of the doors, got all the windows working (back ones stick and carry on). Bought 4 new doors on ebay for the excellent sum of $68.... apparently got carried away in a flash flood the night the auction ended..... yeah, I believe that! so now I need to find a few new window gearboxes - anyone got some?
air shocks just seemed to need to be pumped up and replaced the brake booster/master cyl and bled the brakes completely.
Put my old charger 3 spoke wheel on too.

Still need new tyres to put on my mags, clean up the last of the rust and put the trims back on. clean up all the daggy hoses, put a boot lock on and I'll be about ready to go for roadworthy!

New pics will be put up soonish too.

photos as she was when bought
Literally just bought this beastie - obviously in dire need of a paint, engine is missing but seems rather minor, the air shocks on the back are stuffed, and two little spots of rust in the door sills. master cylinder is stuffed too it seems and there's issues with the power windows, but both are fairly minor. On the plus side, the interior is VERY good, as are the carpets, the roof console is unmolested and the factory air con works!! the icing on the cake was the factory LSD - rare to see them around.... especially on a 265 auto! first thing is to get her up and registered as I can't stand the POS sigma I have and am loathe to spend cash on re-registering it, and then I'll do her up as I go. more pics to come as I slowly get her back to her former glory.

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