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VG Pacer Coupe

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Webpage Created 17/08/07
Webpage Updated 24/08/07
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Username franzlw245 (0)User has feedback score under 5
Name Franz
Location Teralba, Lake Macquarie (NSW)
Website URL
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I'm the 2dr Pacer know as PAC-245 (NSW). At present I'm a before and after car. My left side has been rebuild due to an altercation with a P plater (her fault). Meanwhile, I'm waiting for my master to get some money so he can get the rest of me restored. Unfotunately though, I've been waiting for a while now and will probably be waiting for quite a while to come. He trys hard though, he's just recently gave me a 265 heart because my 245 (my 3rd 245), didn't want to work properly any more. My 1st 245 was beeing held for me, but was accidentally thrown into the melting pot. My new master still has my 2nd 245 (a D231A), which is waiting a for rebuild. The 3sp. was replaced with a 4 sp. several years back, 'cause the 3sp. kept jamming and my previous owners thought I needed another gear. My final drive is waitng to, because it developed a horrible noise coming home on the F3 one day. Now I have one af my fat sisters diff assembly (VG wagon). I nearly forgot, I'm using mums (VF VIP) front bucket seats at the moment, cause mine broke their hips. Oh-well, can't complain, at least I'm still alive (thanks to all my donors).
I have owned Chryslers and Valiants all my driving life, with the exception of 4 foreigners. My fisrt was a Bronze Red Met. VE sedan running through to the Pacer you see below. A couple of the standouts where; a Dark Tan Met. AP6 Regal wagon, which I partly restored with my misses; a ? green CH 2door Chrysler sedan (according to it's ID plate, but it was a 4dr), a Navaho Beige VG Chrysler VIP sedan and (My favourite, till now, but would really love another one), a True Blue Met. VJ XL Charger with OE continental (white) vinyl top & 245 4sp. to name a few.
P.S. Sorry about the pics, I only have a super-mini camera to use (doesn't have LCD screen), (ever tryed to use a view finder on a digital camera without a veiw screen).

Ride Articles

VG Pacer Hardtop
Build: sep. 1970
Body ID: 7s23 404
Codes: WA Berg 4301 / X3
Colour: Alpine/Bondi Bleach White
Option: T14
Engine: 265H6
Trans: Manual 4sp. s/rail B/W
Final Drive: 2.92 (VG wag.)
Seats: F; VF VIP Buckets, R; Std.
Body: Factory, except V8 rear springs and glass in hole in roof
Sorry about picture quality, Super mini crappy camera.

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