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Webpage Created 04/06/06
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Name Ben Leech
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Here are some of the vals I own at present and the 52 dodge pick up I sold (silly me).

Ride Articles

52 dodge pick up
This is my old 52 dodge,has now gone to a good home.It was sporting a 265 3 speed box,disc brake falcon rear end,holden 1 ton chassie,40mm off ground sitting on its bump stops,(plans where to bag it and take 3 inchs from the roof and cruz on 18s) unfortunitly I sold it to pay for a hot 265 the things we do.The old blue vg 770 is my driver,its as factory except for the mags,great car the 318 and auto purr.The brown vh has a shared owner ship of five ,we brought it in 1999 for a $1000 bucks and named it pub ranger (or some may say the brown poo).Its ace we have been all around the south island in it,fitted 3 new gearboxes a head gasket and heaps of tyres,other than that its been very reliable,it sports a 265 auto (stock as) charger rims and rust.Give us toot if see us on a cruz or come and a have beer.Check out click on the pub rangers for more stories and photos.The vj wagon is getting a full rebuild (long term project),its the first val I ever brought.The poor thing had been put though a fence side ways I put a new left rear corner on it and drove it for four years untill it run a big end bearing.I decided to give it birthday(turning into birth years its taking so long) and give it a 318,auto,new paint etc etc.keep an eye out for race car picks and progress reports to come.

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73 vj wagon,e37 charger
Heres some photos I found taken in 2000 of my vj wagon and my budys e37 charger,they havnt uploaded very well but they brought back some good memories.

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VJ Sedan curcuit racer
We are in no hurry with this project,its a VJ sedan sporting a 49 spec 265 ,falcon single rail four speed(cheaper than the real thing)ford lsd with discs,tubbed rear end(to fit 18x10s 12s later)modified sill for the exhaust to side exit and more to come will add photos as I take them thanks for looking.

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