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265 vj ute

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Webpage Created 03/12/07
Webpage Updated 24/05/08
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Username hunter265 (0)User has feedback score under 5
Name scott
Location brookstead (QLD)
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hi every one my name is scott hunter im 14 and here is my pride and joy its a 1973 vj val is currently under restoration as you can see. it was out on a farm with the back wheels off it,the windows down and looked it in pretty ordinairy shape. the tray was filled up with round up drums and just old useless stuff, thankfully i got it for free due too my father is best friends with the previous owner of it.this has been a great experience so far. may dad has helped me heaps and has taught me how to panel beat and a lot of other things. he said you can have this one but you have to take the other two down at my other farm. the utes are a cl with a 245 colomn auto and the other is a vj with a chysler by chrysler front end equiped with extractors 21/2 inch and a borg waner gear box. i have picked up a fair few bits and pieces off ebay. i purchased a 265 for $100 wich is currently having a full rebuild. i am planning on getting a lumpy cam 600 double pumper holley and maybe a port and engine is going to be sent to the machine shop soon to get houned or bored we arnt sure yet because we havnt got the boar messured .i am getting my ute painted 2pack white prbably black bomnnet pads and rt charger stripes.the interior will be painted in 2 pack black and the engine bay will also be detailed.beleave it or not but the ute has only a few bits of rust supprsinglyenough. i will keep you all informed with stuff and i will post some more pictures the saying goes. MOPAR OR NO CAR.....5/12/07 this afternoon i got the crank shaft out. it took a bit of work getting the big end bearings off but i got them is going for a travel this weekend to go into a contraption to be unseazed, the bloke reckons the pistons will slide straight ut after two weeks. after that she will be on the way to the machine shop.

I got my engine back and as the bloke said the pistons slid straight out,it was unreal.i have got some etch primer on and its starting look not bad i will update the pictures soon.its so hard to get work done on it because i still go to school.i am getting a new tail gate skin this weekend wich will also be good.the ute is completley debadged now and the torno clips are all just about gone,the ute is coming along slowly but surley.

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my 265 vj ute
here are just a few pictures of what has been going on with my ute recently.these are the seats i got for $150.not a tear in them. the interior is nearly all there but im not putting it in until after it gets painted. my dad and i have just shaved the toueno clips off and smoothed them the body is looking sweet.
iv got an efi setup to go on it with a big corw cam and more to come...........

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