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Laurie's Toys 1929 1959 and 1960

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Webpage Created 11/02/09
Webpage Updated 22/11/09
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Name Laurie Baker
Location Kotara (NSW)
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What's in my garage
Silvie is a 1960 Chrysler Royal AP3
Ruby is a 1929 Chrysler 75 Crown Sedan
Silvie has moved on to another home, and a 59 Dodge has come to roost.

Ride Articles

The Journey Begins
Now I have the Dodge in pieces and I can see the disaster areas. Yes the rust has been cut out but in many cases the repair work is quite rough. In the early 90ís, the body was sandblasted back to bare metal and primed, but unfortunately many of the panels were damaged in the process. Lots of panel beating to do!
The rust was removed from the floor and replaced with flat sheeting. Now for those who donít know those ribs in the floor add strength as well as prevent the floor from drumming. Just a bit more welding to do.

Dave has got most of the panels straight again. Those front guards were a nightmare! Even my spare guards have tons of bog in them so that they fit the profile of the sills. They may have even left the factory like that.
I picked up a complete WH Statesman interior. Front seats are now in place and the back seats are starting to take shape. The body comes off the chassis this week and I can start to look at that front suspension and steering.

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1959 Dodge Custom Royal
I picked up a new project. She has already had some work done with restoration starting back in 1994.

361 cu in V8
Push button auto

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Laurie's Toys
These are my toys:
Silvie is a 1960 Chrysler Royal AP3 She is a credit to her previous owners. In extremely good condition and unrestored. Some minor updates with disc brakes up front and airconditioning to keep me cool.
Ruby is a 1929 Chrysler 75 Crown Sedan. I restored Ruby and put her on the road in 1984. She is just lovely to cruise the streets.

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Linda's toy
Just to keep the peace, I bought Linda something different to cruise around in.
1954 FJ Holden.

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