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Webpage Created 14/04/08
Webpage Updated 28/01/14
Views 6839
Username madmopar360 (0)User has feedback score under 5
Name Mike
Location Munruben (QLD)
Website URL
Contact Details See my user details...
1966 VC Valiant
1968 Dodge Phoenix
1970 Dodge Challenger
Bantum Altered 366 ci SB

Ride Articles

Favorite Mopars
1966 VC Valiant - 318ci 904 trans,lsd 3.9. Queensland Mopar Sunday 2008 Runner up Top Sedan. Sold.
1968 Dodge Phoenix - 360ci 727 trans,Adelaide All Chrsyler Day 2006 Best Phoenix. Sold.
1970 Dodge Challenger - 318ci (may grow soon!)
Bantum Altered A/MA (red)- Driver, 367ci SB Hilborn injected W2 Batten heads.
T bucket Altered BB/A(yellow)- Crew guy @2011 Nationals, 6 second 14/71 Hi Helix BB Chrysler.
T bucket Altered BB/A (white)- Crew guy, 438ci Iron block Hemi, 6 second 14/71 Std helix.
Corvette FC BB/FC same as white altered just differnt body.
Tectaloy BA Falcon Nitro Funny Car- Crew guy 2006- 500ci hemi, 5 second passes @ 270MPH+.

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