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My Chrysler History

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Webpage Created 05/01/12
Webpage Updated 05/01/12
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Name Martin
Location Brisbane (QLD)
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This is my Chrysler Driving History which has stemmed over 30 years.
I will build up the picture library as I find the photos.

Ride Articles

My first Valiant was a VF Regal Coupe (No Pics available) Green with beige roof. Slant 225 Auto. SA REG: RTJ 666 - would love to find out what happened to this one.

VJ Ranger
VJ Ranger, biege, 265 Auto

Chrysler Sigma (I know, but it wore the badge) Silver, 2.0L Astron Auto,

AP5 Regal, Blue, Slant PB Auto,

Chrysler Centura, Blue, 265 bored to 273, 308 Cam, 600 Holley, Single rail four speed. Nice fast centura.

VE Regal, Brown, slant 225 Auto,

CL SE Regal, Bronze with biege roof, 318 Auto

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

Dodge Caliber - I know not clinicly a Chrysler but from the same sheds. Sunburst Orange SXT, 2.0L CVT Auto.

Jeep Grand Cherokee, White 3.7L V6 Auto.

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