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Moparmal's Charger "The Rat Patrol"

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Reader's Rides Webpage Details

Webpage Created 01/03/05
Webpage Updated 21/12/09
Views 14058
Username moparmal (2)User has feedback score under 5
Name Mal
Location Melbourne (VIC)
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I bought this car in 1999. It was a bog stck 770 318 Charger, which had been painted a repulsive GM grey. What sold me on the car was the interior was near perfect, it has the rare Burgundy interior.

Engine had a knock, and thats all the excuse I needed......

The Rat Patrol

Part of the famous Australian “Desert Rats”, the original “Rat Patrol” (aka The Long Range Patrol Group) were a group of Australian and English soldiers who patrolled the deserts of Egypt an Libya during WW2.

These patrols were later “Hollywood-ised” into the famous 60’s TV series, “The Rat Patrol” - where Jeeps were seen launching over sand dunes

Move on to the early 1980s, and one of the most feared street machines in the suburbs of Detroit was the black ’64 Plymouth Savoy known as the “Rat Patrol”……….

The name has its origins because it used to “beat up” on the Chevy “Rats” (Big Block) and “Mice” (Small Block) cars in regular cash prize street races.

We move on 20 years, and after viewing the restoration of the US car, I wanted my own “Rat Patrol” –

Street racing is frowned upon in this day and age, so my “Aussie” Rat Patrol has been developed as both a way of giving my car a specific “identity”, and also as a way to feature some of my more favourite aspects of Chrysler performance modifications.

Ride Articles

09 Engine swap
Half way through the engine swap - also new wheels,

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the 08 Rat Patrol update
Well theres been a few changes, all in the mindless pursuit of beating HSV clubbies!

Gears were changed to 3.9:1...this sees the car sitting on 3050 rpm at 100kph...just bearable with a 27" tyre.

Am currently building an 8.75 PowerLok Sure Grip.

FBO ignition unit crapped itself (no comment!) and Im now usng a GM HEI module hidden in a 70s Hurst Transistor ignition case.(see pic)

Fitted cold air induction box, blocked the heat riser and fitted a clutch fan...this reduced my qtr mile time by 3/10ths.(see pic)

Also plonked the battery in the boot (see pic)

Lastly I swappped out the mutant 318 heads for some 360s and my mph went up by 4mph.

Live and learn I guess....

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06 update
Since 1999, I had the rust fixed and the car repainted Viper Silver. I have also swapped out the diff, to a SG 3.7.

Also changed was the engine, I purchased a warm 318 from a local guy, who had put 15000 miles on it...

There have been a few hickups, ending finally with a Hyd Comp cams stick finally munching itself and destroying my "new" motor and heads....

So with the help of member James Mopar...I launched "Project Meen teen"...a 360 crank stroker assembly...and the following add-ons...

"Headmaster" (James Mopar) 318 heads running 2.02 Elgin nailhead stainless intake / exhaust valves and raised ports. TRW forged slugs shaved 100th, IWIS T/chain, Melling HD pump, Carter HD mech fuel pump

FBO ignition sytem with Accel leads , NAPA "NASCAR" remote billet oil filter bracket,
"James Mopar" splash tray sump

LD340 DP intake and Demon Sizzler modded 800 cfm Thermoquad carb and Accel hi flow air cleaner

Twin 2.5" with QTP electric cutouts and Pacemaker headers.

Precision Valvetrain technology Billet roller rockers and chrome shafts.

Comp Magnum 282S solid cam. (236 @.50)
904 T/flite with stage 2.5 shift kit and ShifterGate neutral lock out.
Factory console.
3.7 BW LSD.

Currently sits on Mopar Perf. spring clamps .
lakewood 70/30 front drag shocks, Fenton Cyclone Hurst copies.

Factory Burgundy colour interior with three 1966 "Blue line" gauges under the dash

Colour is Viper Platinum with Mercury silver engine bay

Soon to be running adjustable snubber, and HARMS Auto Pistol grip shifter handle.

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New pics
Here's a couple more pics with the new wheels, and the cutouts

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