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Vc sedan and my project Vf coupe.

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Webpage Created 18/02/08
Webpage Updated 26/03/08
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Name Adam
Location Bacchus Marsh (VIC)
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Hi I love Valiants. I currently have a vc slant sedan and a vf coupe project with a 360(j heads). The Vf will be my weekend driver and the Vc will stay a work car not that I don't love it but it's on gas and has been reliable even though I've pushed it when I should have been giving it attention. I'm also on the look out for a solid vh or vj valiant ute cause I need something to cart stuff around in and the're tuff looking. Hope you like my vals.

Ride Articles

Pini's Vc
Bought this for 400 bucks. I was going to use it for spares but it was so straight I couldn't do it and instead of putting my AP6 on the road I put this on the road instead. It was a nightmare to get it registered the vin number was reported stolen and only a shortened number was cleared when it was recovered about twenty years ago. It was then registered in nsw. I spent about 300 bucks in mobile calls trying to get to the bottom of it vicroads claimed no responsibility when they found out all they did was stall me and call the cops then I spent an hour and a half waiting in the cop shop wondering if I was going to lose the car I had spent about 80 hours getting up to scratch for the road worthy! After the cops found out what had happened by tracing back past owners they informed me I had to get it cleared up with vicroads as the place of theft occured in W.A. it was not their juristiction. They told me nothing helpful either as it was a police matter. I won't bore you any longer with the details but in the end I had to trace down the cop who reported it stolen and he had to verify it being recovered. My girlfriends old man calls it the coon car. And reffers to it as a piece of shit. But he's just having a dig. He once stirred me when I was lockin it saying who's gonna steal that piece of crap?? It was stolen from the front of his house two days later. I got her back though with the door trims torn so they could steal the speakers and a burnt out clutch. But she's all good now. Still need to get the seats re-apolstered.

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