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rags '67 VC valiant

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Webpage Created 14/10/06
Webpage Updated 14/10/06
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Name Daniel Reilly
Location SYDNEY (NSW)
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Gday all. This is a photo of my VC before I started and some photos during my rebuild. I have taken a long time to get this project under way but in the end it will all pay off i'm sure. The car was a one family owner before I bought it from ACT.To this date I have completely rebuilt my suspension with a lowered rear end by about three inches with an aftermarket sway bar at the front and disc brake conversion from a VG. I am also in the process of putting in a tandem master cylinder and booster for the brakes. I've had the seats redone using as much original material as possible and new carpet is waiting to enter inside. Apart from all this the car is fairly sweet with a perfect dash and controls. It has the usual body dents from almost 40 years of carparks and the like but almost rust free with only minor cancer showing.(no holes, just spots.) I will update when I can as a proud val owner should to keep the dream alive.


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