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'65 AP6 Green V8 Safari

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Webpage Created 12/08/05
Webpage Updated 12/05/13
Views 17779
Username robertmesker (0)User has feedback score under 5
Name '65 AP6 Black V8
Location Sydney Nth'n Beaches (NSW)
Website URL
Contact Details See my user details...

This award winning rare Factory V8 is now up for sale.... of
course she has never run so sweetly.

Running the same N.S.W No. plates YX 992 as were on '65 AP6 Black, car is a '65 AP6 Green V8 Safari. Will try to download pictures of new Beastie.


PS: I'm sure you will pick-up some shots in the "Forums"

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'65 Green AP6 V8 Safari

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'65 AP6 Green V8 Safari
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More of the Green Beast

4 Vals
Totally by chance At Collaroy, NSW

Crazy coincidence!

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