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Webpage Created 28/06/05
Webpage Updated 31/03/14
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Name Robert Thompson
Location Central Coast (NSW)
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Long time Chrysler fan. Just waiting for that lotto win so I can have the ultimate garage.

Ride Articles

78 New Yorker Brougham
I've always liked the style of full size Chryslers and Imperials, particularly the 69-73 cars but for me the stand out is the 74-75 Imperials and 76-78 New Yorkers. This to my mind is the absolute height in style and far better looking than any of the contemporary Lincolns and Cadillacs from the same time.

After watching the prices of these cars continue to fall compared to the local market and with the Aussie $ at an all time high importing one of these behemoths became a real possibility.

After a few months of trawling the classified ads and classic car dealers I spotted my dream car and took the plunge

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article
Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

CL Regal SE
Have had a number of Chryslers over the years but living on the coast with no garage was never a good idea. After coming to the realisation that you can't have a nice valiant as an everyday car I bought a Hyundai Excel but the Chrysler bug was too much.

So as I now had a garage I decided it was time for another Val. I originally bought a CJ without motor or gearbox and was going to fit it with a 318 I had from my old CM and the 4 speed from my CL van. Unfortunately I had no time to do anything with the car and it just sat there.

By chance I was driving home one day and spotted a very nice CL Regal SE for sale at ELN Ford at Tuggerah. After a quick test drive I made an offer on the car. From first sight to signed contract in 20 minutes. Not a bad way to spend the morning.

The SE was basically original with only 68,000km on the clock. I have had to do a bit to get the car up the scratch, including a good tune up with dizzy rebuild and the usual complete front end overhaul. The car now drives like new. Next on the list is getting the air-con sorted out. Apart from that the car will stay as is.

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