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silvervg360 71 2 Door Hardtop

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Webpage Created 30/04/05
Webpage Updated 14/05/05
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Username silvervg360 (0)User has feedback score under 5
Name Luke Morrow
Location Evans Head (NSW)
Website URL
Contact Details See my user details...
Well, this is my VG 2 door. I have owned it for about 7 years now after buying it from a bloke in Hay down the bottom of NSW somewhere. After owning a 1968 VE regal 225 slant that was my Grandfathers for my first car for about 4 years, I developed quite a shinning to the mighty mopars. Opon seeing some very tidy VF & VG 2 doors at several carshows I just knew I had to have one.

I stumbled across this VG in the Parts Peddler for $6,500, managed to talk down to $6,200 but the thing was not long bare metal resprayed silver, had a 360 with head work, stage 5 cam, edelbrock tunnel ram with 450 holley's, 727, late model brakes on the front and the bonus of the number plates being VG-360 (NSW). The guy I bought it from said he was getting rid of it because it used to have the same motor but with single plane manifold with a 650 holley, stage 3 cam and a four spped manual that used to haul really well but kept busting the gearbox. So he went for a 727 and came across a tunnel ram cheap with carbies and thought he'd give that a go.

The problem was, he said it just never went anywhere near as hard with this setup. I still decided to buy it as I had a few plans of my own to improve the setup anyways. Buying this sure outweighed buying a reasonable 2 door, restoring it and fitting all the goodies.

I drove it all the way back to Grafton with no problems with my mate on tail in his XC 351C on straight gas in which had just spent $7000 on just the motor. It was good to see that this Val I just paid less for than his entire engine rebuild could kick his arse considering the previous owner reckoned it never went any good.

Opon getting home and driving it around for a few days I thought I'd do a bit of investigating as to why it didn't go as hard as this bloke reckoned. First step: get little brother to hold the accelerator down to check for full throttle, FOUND IT!!!! When this bloke set up the new throttle system for the new tunnel ram setup, there was no way it was going to get full throttle at all , it was only opening the primaries half way, so the thing had never even had a squirt with secondaries. So you could imagine the look on my mates face with the 351 when I told him this!! I then proceeded to rectify the problem, fiddled with the timing and mixtures and had the time of my life for a couple of weeks. The cost of tyres were killing me but spinning the treads through all three gears was a blast.

A couple of months later the bank balance grew and so did the urge to add my own touch to the car. It was pulled off the road, engine/trans out, engine bay stripped, rubbed back, welded up unecessary holes, battery to the boot and then a few coats of silver and a few of clear.

While engine was out it was totally stripped, block acid bathed and bored out to 40 thou, crank ground, rods resized, heads surface ground, new valves, guides etc and checked (already ported to max). Reassembled completely with all new parts (rod bolts,10.5:1 HR pistons, chrome moly rings, H.V. oil pump, water pump etc etc etc).

Auto was rebuilt, beefed up, stage 3 shift kit with manual shift and a 3500rpm Melva Stall and a tranny oil cooler.

It was all fitted back in the bay with some new extractors, Ross tuffbond balancer (I think),lots of stainless pipes and bolts, and relocated the remote oil filter behind the bumper on the drivers side, some new K & N air filters and breathers, tidied up the wiring, stainless brake lines and brand new master cylinder.

Got the girl to a running/drivable state but the sad thing is, it has stayed that way for the last 5 years. Due to a change in work and the really good handbrake I got (the missus), it has been hard to work on it when you're 600km's away from the car in a storage shed. But alas, I now live at Evans Head, the shed has been finished and has power, so the car is in it's rightfull place (in MY backyard) and it's time to finish her off.

The plan now is to fit a decent exhaust system, lowering stubs, nine inch conversion, maybe mini tubs, 17 inch wheels, brake upgrade, custom interior, and later efi/electric ignition.

Oh, and after that's all finished I'll start an original resto on the old VE regal (yes, I still have it).

Hope I haven't babbled on too much, but it is hard not to when it comes to the MIGHTY MOPARS!!

Cheers, Luke

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