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VH 770 Charger and some other Vals owned.

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Webpage Created 25/05/06
Webpage Updated 29/01/07
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Name Ian Trainor
Location Brisbane (QLD)
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Hows it going. Thought I post some pics of my latest Chrysler.
I bought it from the original owners, its done 69k orig miles. Its in totaly original condition, (except for wheels) I have the orig steel mags. It was stored in a shed for 20 years and nothing has been altered, orig paint, motor,driveline,interior,rubber boot mat, all are almost as good as the day it rolled out of the factory. I had been looking for some time for a very clean Charger but after 8 months of disapointment I heard a rumor of a charger stored in a shed in a small country town. I took a trip and had a look (love at first sight) It took some neg (they didnt want to sell it) but eventuly it came home with me on a trailer. The rest is history.

Ride Articles

1 of the VH 770 Chargers from Woodford
Thought I post some pics of my Charger. Found it in a shed were it had lived for 20 years. Bought it from the original owners and it is totaly orig and in awesome condition.

Want to keep it as orig as possible. And of course drive it as much as possible.
News update! There were 2 Hemi Orange VH 770 Chargers in Woodford. This one is from the main street.

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Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article
Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article Ride Article

Some other Vals Ive owned
My first Val was the white vg 2 door. In the pic it had just been resprayed. It had fitted RT driving lights in the grill though missing in this shot. took the grill out for repaint. Looked good with them in (try to find a pic)

Next came the Centura. great family car lots of fun to drive.
We totaly thrashed this car till when on its deathbed we found this original VG pacer in a car yard at Paddo.

The deal was done, $1275.00 later he took the thrashed centura (2 big ends were knocking ) we took the Pacer .

The Pacer was totaly orig. We owned it for 12yrs (should have kept it) We had the motor rebuilt, put a 4 barrel carb extractors and a four speed in it. Put personalised plates on it
71 VAL. Seen it at the Qld Chrysler Expo a few times But not last couple of years??

Around this time also bought the AP6 V8 and the VC Regal.
We rebuilt the 273 V8 it ran very sweet but slowly rusted away.
The pic of the VC is when we put a Hemi in it all good fun.

There were some other Vals but alas no pics. Wish I could say I still owned them all but no.

Anyway still looking arond for more. If one of these looks familiar feel free to contact me.

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