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VG V8 4 speed auto Regal

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Webpage Created 06/06/05
Webpage Updated 07/06/05
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Name steve
Location Gold Coast (QLD)
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Heres a quick rundown on my VG Regal.It started life as a 245 2bbl BW35,then I fitted a 265 and TH700 with a variety of indutions (Lynx,redline,custom made LPG "EFI" style) and I finally got it where I like it with a 318 with 360 crank,A518 4 speed O/D auto,3.23 LSD and gives me about 2100 rpm at 110 KPH.
Body was bare metal sprayed about 10 years ago and most of the panels are file finished with absolute minimum bog used.
All suspension and K frame parts are blasted and powder coated semi gloss black and silver zinc plated hardware
Wheels are the old faithful sports rims,powder coated with slotted discs and VJ calipers and late stud pattern of course.
Dash was a 770 and is custom modified with a speedo reading KPH,oil press gauge,voltmeter (instead of ammeter) and "gas" gauge that is selectable to read either of the two stainless lpg tanks quantities as selected.(total gas capacity is almost 130 ltrs)
Other mods are cruise control,intermittent wipers,LED's to indicate brake warning and overdrive engagement,R134 aircon ( works great!) updated electrical system with relays for the halogen headlamps,4 speaker CD system,65 amp alt etc.
Interior is standard VG stuff thats been redone with fronts seats "reshaped" to give a bit more support.
Thats about it for the old girl,she is my daily transport,other Val projects are a original VC slant regal undergoing resto (most work is being profesionally done and should be a gem when finished)Will post shots when shes done.
Also had VC ute (wish I still had it).My family has owned AP5,AP6,VC (the one thats being restored),VE,VG (mine now but was the grand folks new!) My father in-law even has a soft spot for the Vals as he grew up in country NSW with his dad owning a Chrysler dealership!! I also have a soft spot for other makes as well,especially early falcon coupes (yeh I know!!) and also am into early Jap bikes (currently own super original unrestored CB750 K6 that will eventually get the big resto as well).Thats about it for me,cheers guys!

Ride Articles

The VG
Heres a few shots of the finished job.

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Engine Details
Heres a few more shots of the engine bay and it's specs; it is a VG 318 with ground down 360 crank,shot peened heavy rods,cast .030" o/s dished pistons set at .010" deck clearance and gives about 10/1 comp.It is all balanced and everything was crack tested,even the block.Cam is a custom LPG grind,very mild for economy and mileage.Valve train is mainly Crane,lifters,push rods,retainers,keepers and springs.Rocker gear is adjustable 273.Heads are ported ,fitted with fererra stainless 360 valves.Intake is an old factory marine 4 BBl single plane job that was port matched and opened up a little.Carb is a Gasresearch and the intake is a custom cold air set up with K+N filter inside the canister,the air is drawn in from behind the drivers headlight.Headers are the old faithful Pacemakers hooked up to a large single exhaust to keep it looking like a stocker.Ignition is a MSD 6 with MP elec dissy curved for LPG.Cooling is a CM 3 row rad with matching shroud and viscous fan,it stays cool even with the air on in heavy traffic on the hottest QLD day (I hate overheating hassles!)

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The trans swap
Probably the biggest improvement to the car was fitting the overdrive trans.I do a lot of highway driving and it really makes it a different car,drops the engine noise dramatically and gives a major improvement to economy.The trans is an "A 518" otherwise known as a "46RH" (basically an O/D 727,RH stands for rear drive hydraulic application).It has a dominator big block converter and a B+M flex plate and the entire trans was rebuilt.This paticular model does not have a lock up converter,just an electrically operated overdrive,which is now activated by a home made trans control unit which is basically a semi auto type arrangement.The small micro switch is mounted in the tip of the gear selector,one tap and it engages OD and another tap and it drops out,the computer side of it stops accidental OD selection at low speeds and shifts out of OD as vehicle speed is reduced,that way I cant accidentally leave it in OD and try and take off from the lights after stopping or something silly(could get expensive!) The X member was made up to suit and there was a bit of floor surgery,but nothing too drastic.Trans to pinion alignment was also set up which made for no nasty vibes, its pretty simple to do and a must in my books for any trans swap.Heres a few shots of the X member to give anyone out there a bit of an idea of the work needed if you are considering a similar swap

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