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Vanregals Drifter.

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Webpage Created 18/01/07
Webpage Updated 18/01/07
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Username vanregal (0)User has feedback score under 5
Name Michael rode
Location Morwell (VIC)
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It's a 1977 Drifter van 318 4speed. I have modernized it using some parts from a regal se, so it has A/C, pwr steer, electric wondows and the overhead consul, I have added cruise control, alarm with central locking, interiour light delay and intermittent wipers. The stereo is a Sony DVD headunit along with a sony cd stacker, Harmond Karmond amps, infinity speakers and a sony subwoofer. I have two screens in the van one in the front and one in the rear plus a couple of cameras. One is facing backwards so I can see what is behind the van at any time.

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